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  • I’m still searching, but feel I’m not articulating my needs well enough to find the answer within a single sentence.

    I’m creating a blog with a podcast session outside of the main blog page. Everything is set up fine, the category “podcast” is delegated to the podcast page and excluded from the main blog page (both in the main area along with the sidebar on each). Here is where my issue comes in, when I select a previous podcast title from the sidebar it jumps back to the blog page to display the entry – this is what I do not want it to do. I would like for it to display the entry in the podcast page when clicked (as the two pages are designed differently – so it’s obvious that you are no longer on the podcast page).

    I’m currently using “Category Post list Widget” to display podcast directory (though, I realize this can be done just as easily with a hardcode), and if need be then I can go that route.

    If someone could even simply direct me to the term/command I am trying to search for, that would be just as appreciated as an explanation. I will continue to search in the meantime and post my findings if I do come across anything for others’ future reference (a little frustrating to find resolved posts without the answer).

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  • Upon further review I thought that simply adding a template to the category would be enough, but it’s apparently more than that as when you select a podcast post from the sidebar it links to ../2013/01/11/title/ which enables the default blog template. So I am still at a loss for ideas.

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