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    I’m developing a wordpress site as an intranet at my company. Most of the content (static) within the site will be stored in Pages. I have created a post hierarchy (how-tos, forms, etc) and it shows up in the navigation view. Easy.

    But for some of the content, it seems more appropriate to use posts. (i.e. internal company announcements, weekly IT tips, and periodic staff profiles.) Most of these will be embedded on the home/portal page.

    The problem is that I would also like to link to the archives of these posts, by categories. Unfortunately, the only things showing up in my navigation list are pages.

    Is there any way to include post categories in the list of pages? Failing that, is there any way I can use custom page templates so they actually function as category archive pages?

    Thanks for your help! Sorry to clutter the support board.

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  • You can add <?php wp_list_categories(); ?>, either to your theme sidebar.php, or into header.php

    I just tried adding it right after <?php wp_list_pages(); ?> in header.php of my test copy, and now the menu is showing both pages and categories, so it works.

    Thanks! This is exactly the tip I needed.

    Can you change which categories you would like to appear on each page? Say you have 5 pages and you want there to be different categories on each page?

    @ djones101

    Yes, you can. Read here about creating a variable sidebar with conditional tags

    The code would be something similar to

    // let's generate info appropriate to the page being displayed
    if (is_home()) {
            // we're on the home page, so let's show a list of all top-level categories
            echo "<ul>";
            echo "</ul>";
    } elseif (is_page(name of page 1)) {
            // now we start to display categories conditionally, depending on which page we are on
             echo "<ul>";
            echo "</ul>";
    } elseif (is_page(name of page 2)) {
    echo "<ul>";
            echo "</ul>";
    } elseif (is_page(name of page 3)) {
    echo "<ul>";
            echo "</ul>";
            } else {
                  // catch-all for all other pages, listing all categories
                 echo "<ul>";
            echo "</ul>";


    Currently I have this in my header.php file. This controls the nav on my page.

    	<li><a href="#">Home</a></li>
    	<li><a href="#">What is SR22 Insurance?</a></li>
    	<li><a href="#">What is Non-Owner Insurance?</a></li>
    	<li><a href="#">Financial Responsibility Form</a></li>
    	<li><a href="#">Auto Insurance Definitions</a></li>
    	<?php wp_list_bookmarks('title_li=&categorize=0'); ?>
    	<li><a href="#">Contact Us</a></li>

    I would like to be a able to have the bookmarks for the post/page appear between auto insurance definitions and contact us. However, I would only like the bookmarks for that specific post to be in that area.

    As an example, lets say I have 3 posts. Post one is titled fruit, post 2 is titled veggies, post 3 is titled pets. I have also created a category for each title. I then created 20 links and assigned them in the dashboard to those categories.

    I would like to have those links appear between auto insurance definitions and contact us in my nav. Is there a way to do this without having to assign the ID of each link to the statement in the hardcode? Can I just assign the link category id to the page?

    The reason I ask… I am creating a site that will include all 50 states and then potentially 30-40 links per state. I would like an easy way to assign those links.




    I haven’t tried using conditional bookmarks, will look into it…

    See if, as a start, these references may help you on using bookmarks for navigation


    on this page there is the following code mentioned

    <?php wp_list_bookmarks('categorize=1&before=<li>&title_before=<h2>&title_after=</h2>&category_before=</n>&category_before=</n>&after=</li>&orderby=url'); ?>

    He is using categorize=1 (true). I don’t know if this makes it conditional, worth a try.

    Hope this helps…


    It didn’t work. It just seems a little weird that they have link categories and no way to dynamically input them into the page.

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