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  • Hi there

    I’m running wp on one of my websites. People can submit videos, pics or stories to the website.

    Now, my problem is, I’v got three main posting categories, videos, pics and stories, and then of course there is the uncategorized category as well. My three main categories are divided into about 20 sub-categories.

    There are four pages on the website besides my T&C and Home page, and that is my post page, videos, pics and stories pages. Everything posted on the website goes to the post page, and under the category selected.

    My problem is, I want all the video related media to automatically go to the video page, pics to the pics page and stories to the stories page. the post page will then just be basically be used as a newest post page.

    Another problem i’m facing is, under the video page, all 20 sub-categories must be shown on the page in form of a gallery/thumbnail, and the video posted to the website, must be shown as the last post in the gallery/thumbnail for that specific sub-category. The same for pics and stories.

    I hope someone can help and understand what i want to do. I can supply a website that displays just that if anyone can help, but it is a adult website, and i don’t want to post adult links on these posts. (mine is also adult related).

    If someone can help and need these links, you can pm me at [email address removed]

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