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  • I was wondering if it was possible to put in a wordpress Page a category and its sub categories to access the posts easier.. :S

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  • Why a Page? Doesn’t the category archive view (eventually enhanced by some cool Category_Templates) do exactly what you are asking for?

    Basic lesson # 1: Pages are Pages and posts are posts. Don’t mix them 🙂

    I kind of wanted it to be like, I click on a page (for exaple, A) and on that page it will only show me the subcategories for my category A.

    Maybe you can help me think away around this??

    You should click on category A and see the posts from category A. I don’t think it can be simpler than that. Leave the Pages alone…

    Well what I’d like is on the page see the description of each destination, then below that, the categories OF that destination. Is this not possible at all??

    Define “destination”…

    Destinations: Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos.. etc. I meant destination as Site of visit.

    I have suppliers in different places, I want to be able to go to a page and see the supplier list of that place, since Im kind of going to use WP as a database. Each post is a different supplier.

    (Almost) everything is possible with WP – I just don’t get it why are you so stubborn about Pages.
    In the 14 minutes between my post about Pages and Category_Templates you couldn’t read the articles I’ve suggested. Please, come back when you did your homework 🙂

    psst: Moshu’s right. Check out that Category_Templates link he gave you. I think you’ll find it will be very helpful.

    Alrighty! 🙂

    Thank you guys, i’ll check it when Im at home.. And I think I got an idea! 😀

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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