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  • I searched the web, but couldn’t find anything about this…

    Well, I have a page called “impressions”. On that page I want to show a list with all my albums (my galleries are already organized in albums).

    But i don’t want to show all galleries that are organized in the albums – i just want to display the album titles with the album description and the corresponding album thumbnail (which I can set on the edit album page in the plugin).

    Just to make sure you understand what I am talking about, i will explain one more time:

    On my page “impressions” I want to make a list with all my albums (title, image and description), the I can click on the desired album which directs me to another page where i see all the galleries that are stored in that album.

    Any thoughts about how I can make this happen? Thanks in Advance!

    P.s. I am using the arthemia-premium theme and everything is up to date…

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  • I did some more investigation about my problem and found this on the forum.

    This is exactly what I want to achieve on my page. I tried the solution that is given by Tommie Hanson in his post.

    Well, this gives me a list of sub-pages (linklist) on my main gallery page.

    • Impressions
    • * The House
    • * The Animals
    • * The Garden
    • * etc…

    But I still can’t figure out how to show a brief album overview on the main gallery page impressions. I want to display the album title, the album thumbnail (which can be set on Gallery->Albums->Edit Album) and of course, the album description.

    Any thoughts of how to display such a list of albums (again: I don’t need to show the individual galleries of each album on my “impressions” page)?

    Any suggestion that could drive me into the right direction would be really appreciated! Thanks in advance!

    Well – just if someone else is looking for the same problem: I definitely found a solution for my needs.

    Here is the topic which explains step by step how to do what I described in my posts above:

    Now it is working like a charm – nice!

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