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  • rochajorge


    Hi. Im building a website and i installed a plugin to add categories to pages. I created a page to call an alphabetic list of pages and i would like to display the pages of a specific category. Is there any way to do it? Thank you

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  • Plugin Author tugbucket


    i installed a plugin…

    What plugin? Does it make taxonomies? Have you tried calling the taxonomy if it does?

    Is there any way to do it?

    I’m sure there is. My plugin does nothing that’s not available in core functions of WP. If this other plugin is doing something that is not a core feature, my plugin might not be able to produce what you want out of the box.

    As you read here:

    If you wish to make PHP changes, make a folder named “multi-column-tag-map” in your theme’s directory. Move a copy of the plugin’s “mctagmap_functions.php” into that folder. There you can make PHP changes that will not be overwritten when you update the mctagmap plugin.

    You’re more than able to modify the code to produce the result you want.



    Thank you very much for you help. I the plugin is and bacicaly it had the post category to pages.

    I dont know much about coding and my qustion was more related with a way to do it using the shortcodes. I was trying to dispçay pages just of a specific category or an other way would be to hide specific pages. Thank you very ucha and congratulations for you plugin.

    Plugin Author tugbucket


    taxonomy: If you enter a taxonomy, the plugin will only display tags from that taxonomy

    This plugin allows you to add the power of WordPress Taxonomy to WordPress Pages.

    So have you tried to call the taxonomy? Simply put in a shortcode would be [mctagmap show_pages="yes" taxonomy="WHATEVER"] and see if it displays the correct pages.

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    I want to call a category called “filmes”. Ive introduzed [mctagmap show_pages=”yes” taxonomy=”filmes”] but nothing happen. Just a message Sorry, but no tags were found. 🙁
    Thank you

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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