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  • version 2.0.6

    Plugin Author Austin Passy


    Okay, I’ll look into that.

    Hi austin, i was a bit confused you released a fix and we had version 2.06 and u the fix version is 2.06 also as i upgraded i read what it fixed and it said it fixed the dismiss message not going away as i have checked the message still wont go away.

    i stand corrected, i cleared my browser cache and logged out and back in the the dismiss message was gone

    theres another issue now The last update took away my login and only shows the default wordpress login

    i wish i could edit some of these comments, for some reason my login got deactivated, i tell ya some weird things are going on, but disregard the previous 2 messages the dismiss is not going away

    i guess i should have waited before upgrading anything because of all the issues such as showing the default wordpress login for a couple of seconds and the dismiss message not going away hmmm i think i will just deactivate for now and wait until some issues get fixed,

    but thanks for the great plugin


    Have the same issue with the Dismiss message refusing to go away, even after browser closure and emptying cache. This happened when updating to v2.0.5 earlier today from a previous version 2.0.3. As I just discovered yet another version 2.0.6, I tried that, but same result, Dismiss message refuses to go away.
    Using WP 3.5.1.


    EDIT: Just updated another of my domains from v2.0.3 to v2.0.6 direct, same result …

    And, the error should read “Dismiss notice”, not Dismiss message 🙂

    Plugin Author Austin Passy


    @jason, sorry about the message issue. I’ll get that straitened out.

    I’ll add an option in the next version to load the CSS in the head instead of an external file which might cause that quick flash of CSS.

    ok this fix finally fixed the issue with the notice not going away and the default wordpress login displaying for a couple of seconds

    Hi Austin,

    Jason refers to a “fix which fixed his issue”. However, as I am still having the problem with the Dismiss notice refusing to be deleted, I just wonder what I should do?

    Is this Dismiss-problem still regarded as an open issue, or a closed/solved one?



    My last comment was issued prior to discovering that v2.10 was available. This final update fixed the issue.

    Thank you!

    Plugin Author Austin Passy


    Thank you both for be patient and helping me out.

    Let me know if there are any other issues.

    I am using the latest version, and this annoying problem is back again. How do I get rid of this damned message which blocks access to some admin controls? Thanks in advance.

    Plugin Author Austin Passy


    Were you unable to click dismiss?

    Yes, that’s why I was posting.

    However, I just identified the culprit. I disabled “WP Jump Menu” plugin and the problem went away. I have notified the author. Since this has happened with other plugins in the past, there must be some core issue happening here with the message system that these plugins are stepping on somehow. Can you discuss with with WP devs to ensure it gets discussed by those who should know?


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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