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    I have just recently been getting disk space warnings when I use UpdraftPlus. The text of the warnings read “Warning: Your free disk space is very low – only 0 Mb remain”.

    I should have plenty of disk space remaining in my Dropbox account. When I check Dropbox, it says that I have used 4GB of my 55GB total space.

    This seems like a bug in UpdraftPlus.

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  • Plugin Author David Anderson


    Hi misksh,

    That text comes from a check on the local (webserver) disk space, rather than a check of Dropbox.

    It comes from a call to the PHP function disk_free_space(), so that must not be working on your webserver… you should ask your web hosting company to take a look.


    Plugin Author David Anderson


    P.S. I’ve now tweaked the code so that if the disk_free_space() check fails, then it doesn’t treat that as 0Mb free, which is probably what is happening here. Please try the development version:

    Thanks for the report,

    Yes, the new development version works on my server and has no warning messages now. Thanks David.

    I am using the basic Fatcow account which claims to have unlimited server space.


    I’m having the same issue as misksh where each time one (just one) of my sites is backed up, it emails me the following:

    UpdraftPlus: WordPress backup is complete.
    Backup contains: Files and database
    Latest status: The backup apparently succeeded (with warnings) and is now complete

    Like UpdraftPlus and can spare one minute? Please help UpdraftPlus by giving a positive review at (
    Warnings encountered:
    * Your free disk space is very low – only 0 Mb remain
    * Your free disk space is very low – only 0 Mb remain

    I also use a FatCow account and have used about 1GB of supposed unlimited storage. My Google Drive storage has 40+GB available, as is evident in my latest backup log file in the pastebin below.

    I have 7 websites contained on the same server, and the others that are being backed up (3 of the 7 sites) have zero problems whatsoever, and they’re all being dispatched out to Google Drive.

    Would you recommend I try the dev version like you said above?

    Here’s the latest log file:

    Any suggestions would be great.


    David, did you see my above post? I’m really puzzled as to why this is doing this. Any tips?


    Plugin Author David Anderson


    Hi Truman,

    Sorry – I missed that. It’s better to post in a thread that’s not marked ‘Resolved’.

    Yes, try the dev version. It seems that FatCow’s servers aren’t able to report disk space availability. The dev version has a fix to detect that situation instead of translating it into 0Mb.

    How do I update my install to the development version?


    Ah thanks. My bad for posting in a resolved thread. I must have missed that.

    I’ll give it a try. Thanks for the tip! Would you recommend using the dev version on all my sites, seeing as they’re all hosted with Fatcow? And with the transition to the dev version, can I just copy the client secret and folder id (Google Drive) info from the current plugin settings and insert the info into the dev version settings?

    Thanks again!

    Plugin Author David Anderson



    Currently this is the only difference between the dev version and 1.6.46, so, you may as well.

    All your settings will be remembered – you won’t need to re-create them.

    If you find UD useful, then please give us a good review!

    Many thanks

    Hi David,

    I’m facing the same problem on my “Strato”-Webserver (large webhosting company in Germany) using Dropbox. I assume that this has something to do with a kind of dynamic Webspace (I’m guaranteed to have 50GB, but I’m actually using far less).

    I would like to forbear from installing the recent dev-version of Updraft plus directly. So my question is: Are you planing to release a regular update on in the near future?

    Awesome Plugin by the way!

    Best regards from sunny Germany
    Jens Hartmann

    Plugin Author David Anderson


    Hi Jens,

    Good morning! If you de-install and then download the current version (1.6.46) from, then it’s got the fix in it. We didn’t bump the version number because too frequent updating annoys people.


    David, thanks for your replay. I will try that.
    Again: awesome support!

    Have a nice weekend!


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