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  • Audentes

    (@audentes) (print-screen of the problem)

    I was just installing themes via the WP control panel when it balked, and gave me this “disk quota exceeded” error and will not upload any more.

    I checked my public_html directory, it’s got 12 megs of files.

    I’m in, supposedly “free, unlimited, no ads”.

    However, after I signed up and auto-installed WordPress, it prompted an update. The update never completed, and every time I try to complete it, it fails to complete and asks to try again:

    Is this my problem, or is it something else? Thanks, if anyone knows.

    That “update failed” error goes back to September. I’ve asked the host a number of times, nothing is ever done, he waits awhile and just closes the ticket.

    I don’t know what to do any more. I think I’m gonna return to html, where everything works when you put the right code in. I’ve never had troubles like this until I moved to WordPress. And of course, this is my Christmas site, and I can’t finish it.

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  • esmi


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    This is something you need to contact your hosts about.



    @esmi – Do you mean contact my host re “disk quota exceeded” when installing theme in WP control panel, as per the print-screen linked?


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    Ipstenu. I did, I sent him two messages. No reply. is supposed to be free unlimited. It seems there’s about 13 megs of space used in my public_html wordpress directory for “

    I just tried FTP instead… same issue. Can’t create directories, Disk Quota Exceeded.

    Print-screens of today’s FTP attempt:

    Could I ask you, please. If you look at these print screens, and the ones in my first message above, in your opinion, [A] IS THIS a technical error, or, [B] HAS THE HOST MANUALLY LIMITED MY DISK SPACE at the back-end in a voluntary act?

    The big surprise about is that the person who owns it is a 16-year-old kid. He linked his web site in an initial email a long time ago. It had pics of him declaring himself “super teen affiliate”.

    This is his web site:

    He presents himself as an expert at making money online.

    He obtained his powrhost account from a US-based provider who allows people to become web hosts free of charge. So, I don’t know which level — the 16-year-old Hegedus or the company he got his web-host account from — is responsible for correcting problems.

    Nothing seems to get fixed in Powrhost, and also, for awhile, my own laptop IP was being blocked so I had no access to my own account in Powrhost. I thought Powrhost was down for repairs because I had told him about the problems. Then one day, I happened to turn on my VPN, and bingo, my account materialized again, and when I shut off the VPN, my account disappeared again.

    I wonder if this is a kid’s prank. Is he playing with my account, and finding different creative ways to shut me off?

    Do you know of a decent, ad-free WordPress host with script installer? I have about 5 WordPress blogs in development. I’m going to have to move them all.

    Thanks for your time.

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