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  • This plugin ceased to be functional around 10 years ago, yet the unethical developer continues to sell subscriptions to badly inadequate software that falls far short of promises.

    Note that the current star rating includes a large number of 5-star reviews from 2009-2010. At that time, Nextscripts provided a very useful autoposting functionality to wordpress sites. But as Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, and later even Twitter matured, each took steps to complicate and curtail autoposting. At first the SNAP dev tried to keep up. But by 2015, the authorization requirements to reliably autopost to Facebook and other networks became too tedious and arcane for this SNAP plugin. It just doesn’t work.

    Here’s where the SNAP developer should have turned the page, changed the business model, or just thrown in the towel. Yet he doubled down on his work and became a hustler, trading on past reputation with promises SNAP couldn’t come close to keeping. And hooking suckers with annual subscriptions then disappearing when called out on shady practices. No doubt what he’s done is criminal, but what can you do… call the plugin police? Deleting this plugin today after many years… good riddance, thanks for the memories.

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