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  1. denronph
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    Hello all, please bear with me for I am very new to wordpress and running a website in general. I seem to be having some issues with a password protected page on my site. Because I have already entered my password the page is now unlocked for good and seems to be functioning properly for me. However, a co-worker who has never before attempted to login tried and upon entering the password was re-directed to the wordpress admin login page. I tested this with a few other people in and out of the office who had never attempted to login before and it seems to be consistent. One person who attempted to login outside the office who had done so before was redirected to a page that said "Safari cannot find the server." I don't know what could be causing this issue and upon contacting our template support they instructed me to try and find some answers in wordpress forums. Thanks for your help!! Also, I don't know if this is at all helpful but it might be good to mention that I recently ran a search and replace plugin to redirect content from our temporary URL to our denronph.com domain.


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