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Discussion settings – email me whenever anyone posts a comment

  • I manage several blogs. I have several users (editors and administrators) who need to be notified by email when anyone submits a comment to the blog they host/moderate. Some of the editors and admins get an email notification and some do not. I myself am one of the people who is not getting the emails as I should. The discussion settings are the same for all of us. All of the blogs share the same domain and use Modern Estate Pro theme.

    My blogs are hosted by BlueHost. I have confirmed with them that no emails are being sent to me or to one of the other users. The other user was set up as an editor. I deleted her account, set her up as an admin and changed her email address for good measure. Even though all the same boxes are ticked, she still does not get email notifications.

    The moderator for http://ukhealthcare.net/UKudos/ does get her notifications. The moderator for http://ukhealthcare.net/clinical-ops/ does not get her notifications. (Both blogs are hosted by Ann Smith, but she has two different ghost writers, one for each blog. They are actually set up as users under their own accounts.)

    Does anyone have any ideas?

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  • stacyduval


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    The default for WordPress is for the author of the post to receive the comment notification and the administrator for the site to get the comment moderation notification.

    In order to modify this you could use a plugin.

    I found this article that lists the available plugins.

    Thank you for your suggestion, however, the article to which you refer says,

    “To find out what email notifications are set as the default on your site, go to Settings > Discussion in the Dashboard. You should see a couple of options for when emails should be sent out, including when someone posts a comment and when a comment is held for moderation.

    If these items are checked, an email notification will be sent to the author of the post on which the comment was made.”

    I have done just that — for each user. both items are checked, yet no emails are being sent to two of the users, including me — and I’m an administrator.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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