• I would highly recommend choosing against Woopayments. I had an account with them for several years, then they suspended my account and said I violated the Terms of Service but refused to tell me what they were accusing me of. They said once an account is rejected they can not disclose the reason, so they are accusing me of doing something but cant, or wont, tell me what I’m being accused of. I am marked as a minority owned business and a woman owned business so I asked if it was based on that since they can’t provide any reason at all or any proof I violated anything and they told me to review the TOS (which I told them I already had and there was nothing there that I had violated) and to choose another payment platform. The customer service reps are marked as “happiness engineers”, what a joke.

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    Howdy @jenbrum1990,

    Thank you for your honest review. I understand how frustrating it is to have your business put in this situation.

    I see that you are concerned about this decision being based on your store being a minority-owned business. While our partners at Stripe collect some required information as a part of the Know Your Customer (or “KYC”) process, this information is not handled by WooCommerce or our payments team. As a result, the information provided during the KYC process is not a factor in any determinations we at WooCommerce may make about whether or not an account is supportable.

    We’ve worked with our payments team to identify multiple WooPayments accounts you have opened. While one particular account has been rejected, the others are still in good standing and can continue to be used to transact. For the rejected account, we won’t be providing any further details about why we are unable to support it.

    We support many businesses accepting payments via Square, PayPal and other payment providers. You can download a free payment integrations, such as WooCommerce Square, PayPal Payments, or Stripe to continue selling via your site.

    I hope this helps!

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