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    Hi! After updating the plugin I’m having new problems.

    Maybe it has nothing to do with the update but I’m not finding where’s the code problem so far.

    I’m using Woocommerce, PMPro and Tutor LMS together.

    Before the update:

    1. I could create a membership and buy it with Woocommerce
    2. I could create a tutor course and enroll the student with woocommerce and, at the same time, give it a membership
    3. I could discount a membership when the user has another one active

    Today one of my clients wrote because she bougth a course yesterday and couldn’t enroll.

    I tried to find the issue on my site and I have errors coming from both Woocommerce and PMPro.

    I created a clean installation for development and when trying to reproduce the issue I find, before even installing tutor, the PMPro Wooc Add on has problems already:

    Before this, I could enroll a client in a membership and, with that, give a discount to other membership in the membership tab (not coupon discount) and it worked well. Now, it’s not working.

    In fact, I still have this functionality in my main site working well (while it’s not enrolling the students in the courses), and has been working fine before.

    Before I continue finding the tutor problem, I need to fix this one, as it’s part of the basic functionality of my site.

    As mentioned, I tested this in a clean installation with only Woocommerce, PMPro and PMPro Wooc Add on.

    Help with this will be appreciated.

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    I just found that there’s a conflict between both plugins: when the order autocompletes in PMPro due to it’s needed for the membership, Tutor LMS avoid the autocompletion.

    And, when Tutor LMS autocompletes, PMPro doesn’t.

    Each plugin is only enrolling when the order completion is done by itself, not when the order is already completed.

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    After the whole day reviewing the code, I think this is more on Tutor LMS side.

    Please review this thread and let me know what you think:

    Plugin Support Mary Job


    Hi @guezs,

    Thank you for reaching out to us.

    I see in the other thread you found a workaround to resolve this issue. The PMPro TutorLMS integration is built and maintained by the TutorLMS team. They would be able to advise further.

    Thank you for your understanding.

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    Hi @mariaojob , this is not about PMPro Tutor LMS integration. It’s about incompatibility between two different plugins that work with WooCommerce managing orders at the same time.

    Please read the content of the messages more carefully before answering.

    This is the second time I receive a “this is not our problem” answer without further investigation.

    What I’ve mentioned and tested myself could help improve the compatibility of both plugins if it’s needed.

    I already fixed the problem myself, but others could find this issue with this or other plugins together with PMPro.

    Thank you

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