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    Thanks for you great plugin.
    My question is: on the cart page there’s a 1st block with show the current content cart. Below is the block of your plugin which shows the discount which will be applied and below we find a 3rd block with the total and the shipping.
    Today, the 3rd block with the total amount doesn’t take into account the discount (2nd block) but is equal to the total amount of the 1st block.
    So I think it’s weird for the customer to NOT see the discount applied to the the total.
    Sure, at the next page, the discount applies.
    But is there a way, on the cart page, to show the total amount including the discount.

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    Pricing Deals cart page behavior should always show the discount in the ‘3rd block’ as you expect.

    Something is getting in the way of Pricing Deals on your site….

    You likely have a memory, caching or module conflict issue.

    (A) Set your memory to a minimum of **512mb** , the de-facto memory standard (or greater!)
    (** Double-check ** the following, even if already set to 512mb.)
    (*) Memory should be *explicitly* set in *both* the php.ini (host) file,
    and in the wp-config.php file .
    – call your HOST to **Confirm or Set** the explicit setting of 512mb of memory in php.ini
    – update your wp-config.php file with a statement like this: define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘512M’);

    (B) Caching:

    Do you have a caching plugin (W3 Total Cache, etc)
    – If so, please **clear the caching plugin cache**. Test. **Turn off caching**. Test.
    – If that isn’t it, carry on…
    (Pricing Deals is happy, however, with ** WP Super Cache: by Automattic ** , which seems to keep up better )

    (C) if that’s not it , suggest a *full module conflict test*:

    To track down a module conflict, please follow these steps ** PRECISELY **:
    (1) Install and activate a maintenance mode plugin (if desired)
    (2) Then, DO ALL (*at the same time*):
    (-) do a full site backup!
    (-) deactivate ***all*** plugins except Woo, my plugin (and maintenance mode plugin)
    (-) ** switch to a clean default theme like 2019 **
    — (This removes all other possible conflicts.)
    (-) turn off all deals except the one we are examining.

    (3) ** test **
    (4) if good, add 1 module back in. ** Retest **
    (5) Repeat until conflict identified.

    ** This test depends on following the outlined steps fully. **


    I’ve checked everything you said and it’s still not working.
    Basiccaly, I have no cache plugin and I’ve set all to 512M and only your plugin and Woocommerce are activated.
    To be sure, you’ve understood my problem, see the print screen below:
    The 5€ discount is not applied in the last block which show 32€ without the discount.

    Plugin Author vark


    The discount is also not showing in the Unit price of the purchased item.

    In your conflict test, have you also switched to a clean default theme like twentynineteen?

    If not, please recreate the conflict test, using a clean default theme like twentynineteen.

    If you continue to have an issue, please contact me via my support channel
    and send me your System Report (with everything deactivated as per previous discussion)
    – Go into wp-admin, select Woocommerce->System Status .
    – Click button ‘Get System Report’ at top of page.
    – Click button ‘Copy for Support’.
    – Copy the result as instructed on the page
    – Paste into return email to me.

    Yes, I forgot to tell you that I switched the theme to the last included with WP 5.3 TwentyNineteen.

    Plugin Author vark


    Are your products imported using a plugin? Does this occur on all products or just some?

    As a test, suggest going to wp-admin / Pricing Deals / Pricing Deals Settings page.


    “Unit Price Discount
    or Coupon Discount”


    “Coupon Discount” .

    (This will set up an auto-inserted coupon to reflect the discount, and the discount will be accurate.
    If you’d like more info about this issue, go “Unit Price Discount or Coupon Discount”
    and at the end of the line, click on ‘more info’).

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    In “Coupon Discount” mode, it works. Please see screenshot below:


    Plugin Author vark



    If you want to pursue the ‘unit price discount’ issue, please contact me via my support channel
    and we’ll set up an appointment to do a skype debug session together.

    Thank you.
    Basically, I’d like a BOGO Deal, for example: buy 2 (same) products and get the (same) 3rd Free.
    I don’t think it’s possible with the Free version ?

    Plugin Author vark


    As you thought, that would be a Pro function.

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