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  • There’s another one that’s free (or $25 if you want hands-on support)

    I haven’t used it, personally, but I’ve heard it works pretty well.

    i have tried it but i do not know if had done it correct.

    i have used this instruction:

    i have had an google merchant account.
    do i have to do something before?
    i have started with 2a.
    i have add the code to the functions.php
    i have created a product-feed.php. where should i upload it?
    then i have done 2b.
    on 2c should i have to upload the product-feed.php? i didnt understand it.

    can someone help me a little bit.



    do i understand right, that i have to export the product from the woocommerce with Store Export and change the attributes with the google shopping attributes?

    Hey sisqonrw,
    you need to upload product-feed.php in the folder of your theme.
    you need to add the code from 2a. in functions.php (found on your theme folder)
    you don’t need to export anything, if properly set-up your feed will be generated automatically, and you will find it at http://www.yourdomain.tld/feed/products/

    I know it’s a long and boring read, but take while and read the whole article and the updates (found on the bottom of the article).

    I’ve set up the feed for 10 clients so far (paying and non-paying), all of them were pleased. I can help you too, just leave me a message 🙂

    i do something wrong. but i dont know what.

    i have copied product-feed.php in


    when i go to

    i get this error report:

    FEHLER: products/product-feed.php ist kein gültiges Feed-Template

    here my product-feed.php

    The error log tell me

    [13-Feb-2013 08:58:15] PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/komilieu/public_html/feed/products/product-feed.php on line 11

    Hey, I finally had the time to write a “proper” plugin, it need a lot of improvements, but keep in mind, it’s free and it works.
    You can get the plugin from here


    ps. your issues are related to the fact that you did not remove the <!–?php the proper syntax is <?php

    Hi i have installed your plugin and set it.

    i have used

    Health & Beauty > Personal Care > Hair Care > Shampoo & Conditioner

    in product type and Google Category.

    after update uption i get this report:

    Preview Product feed output (last 3 products)

    and there is nothing in:

    put i have ca. 40 products. whats wrong?

    Your feed gets generated but as i can see you get an error :
    xmlParseEntityRef: no name

    the error is caused by :
    There is a stray ‘&’ (ampersand character) somewhere in the XML text eg. some text & some more text

    You need to use HTML numbers so & should be ‘& amp;’ > should be ‘& gt;’ in your product category and google category.
    In your particular case
    Health & amp; Beauty & gt; Personal Care & gt; Hair Care & gt; Shampoo & amp; Conditioner

    eliminate the space between & and gt; and & and amp;

    also, there’s a skype button in the plugin, use that 🙂

    i copy

    Health & Beauty > Personal Care > Hair Care > Shampoo & Conditioner

    this. and after update there is

    Health & Beauty > Personal Care > Hair Care > Shampoo & Conditioner

    is it correct?

    i push the button but it doesnt work. what is your skype name?

    does the plugin show me all products or only 3?

    the back end of the plugin only shows you 3 products the full product feed found here shows you all of your products (just right click and view source).

    ok i thought that the plugin show me in the back end all. when i klick to this link. i can see the feeds in google reader.
    google reader show me 9 products and all 45 products. does it work it know?

    what can you suggest me? i am using:

    Health & Beauty > Personal Care > Hair Care > Shampoo & Conditioner

    i am not selling only shampoo. i sell shower gel, soaps, baby care products too.

    should i use this

    Health & Beauty > Personal Care

    or this

    Health & Beauty > Personal Care > Hair Care > Shampoo & Conditioner

    how long does it take to be in google shopping?

    thank you for your support!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 28 total)
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