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    Would it be possible to create a discount based on a price value/sales price/meta/attribute that exists on the product?

    For example,

    Product A :
    Original price $9
    When ordering 12 : $8

    Product B :
    Original price $10
    When ordering 12 : $9.5

    Product C :
    Original price $5
    When ordering 12 : $3

    So my issue ( in my specific case is ) that I don’t have easily listable products. I’d rather save the bulk discount price value in the product, and have that displayed when the rule ( quantity >= 12 ) is in effect.

    I hope I didn’t explain this more complicated than it’s supposed to be ^^’
    Basically instead of the % off or value off, I’d rather have the discount price read from a field in the product itself when the conditions are met.

    Is this possible with this plugin?

    Thank you

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  • Hi Markus,
    Yes, this plugin will do what you describe and I have the same setup in my store – item is RRP $19.95 each but if customers buys 2 they get 10% (or $ amount if you prefer) off and the new price shows in the cart. Just be aware that if you setup different discounts under different product lists, All Discounts will add the discounts together if the customer adds those items to the cart instead of calculating them discreetly and this is the issue I have with it. So far no-one seems to be able to fix it unfortunately!

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    Hello Markus,
    Yes that’s possible.
    @greenkids that’s normal only if the same product is part of multiple lists used by different discounts setups. In that case, the all the valid discounts will apply if the conditions for them to be applied are met.

    Not true, my products are in separate product lists and when the customer adds products to the cart, All Discounts adds the discounts from different product lists together even though they are not sharing any discounts or product lists!

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    Ok the dev team is already on it

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    Hi all,

    Thank you for your replies, but I’m not sure they answered my question.

    I would like the discount to be based on a value stored within the product, not a global calculation. Is that possible?


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    @disagree no that’s not possible.

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