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    I have a couple of questions/problems:

    1) The disclaimer is not showing up properly. It looks like the styling is off. Please see the screen shot HERE

    2) All that my disclaimer says is “Click Accept if you understand the terms of service”. Is there any way for there to be a link to the actual Terms of Service? I have a PDF that I would like them to open up and read if they have not done-so

    3) Not exactly on the same topic, but is there any way to make the registration form wider? I know this uses the default WP registration, but I would like to have a registration form that is significantly wider — so the user doesnt have to scroll to complete the form.


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  • Plugin Author radiok


    OK I’ve reviewed your issues, let’s start with number 1.

    1) Change line 252 of rpr-login.php from:
    echo "\n", '<div name="disclaimer" id="disclaimer" style="display: inline;">', nl2br( $register_plus_redux->rpr_get_option( 'message_disclaimer' ) ), '</div>';
    echo "\n", '<div name="disclaimer" id="disclaimer">', nl2br( $register_plus_redux->rpr_get_option( 'message_disclaimer' ) ), '</div>';

    Next add the following to the Custom Register CSS:

    #disclaimer { overflow: auto; }

    Come 3.9.4 you won’t need that custom CSS, but that will prevent you from having to edit another section of the php files for now.

    2) That’s a neat idea, but currently out of scope, I think it’s a great enhancement. In the meantime you can put a link in your Disclaimer message.

    3) This is a slightly undocumented feature, but you can enter the following Custom Register CSS to modify the width of the registration form.

    #login { width: 600px; }

    Thank you for replying so quickly — and thoroughly. I’ve changed the mentioned code for rpr-login.php, but I’m not familiar with the Custom Register CSS. Is this a file that I have to create? Please explain

    Thanks so much again

    Plugin Author radiok


    Custom Register CSS is a setting in Register Plus Redux, near the bottom of the settings page.

    Ah, thank you so much. It’s looking much much better! Last question, and I am outta here:

    If you take a look at

    you will see that I keep getting “////” after the word listing’s. Is this fixable? Also, can I put the password up top, under the username?

    Plugin Author radiok


    OK, the problem with the slashes is a little tricky to fix this minute, but you can manually remove them. You’ll notice they keep multiplying. Every time you save they will duplicate. It’s a stupid mistake on my part but I have to play with that later to fix.

    Also, Custom Login lite is messing with your the form in many ways. If you let me know what you are trying to do with the plugin I can tell you how to get the same results without it using Custom CSS.

    I just did a little bit of research, and it appears that I can use “stripslashes” within one of the plugins .php files to remove the slashes. Unfortunately, I have no idea where to look haha.

    And regarding the plugin’s fields: Everything is fine, I just would like to rearrange some of the fields.
    1) First Name
    2) Last Name
    3) Company Name
    4) Website
    5) Phone Number
    6) Fax Number
    7) Email Address
    8 Confirm Email Address
    9) Username
    10) Password

    you can take a look at the link above again…ive made some changes

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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