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  • After the security fix update in version, I immediately noticed that the disc caching (basic) is not working anymore. I tried to explain this in another thread but @frederick probably didn’t notice that. So I’m writing this in hope that the plugin author will notice this and take appropriate action.

    Version introduces a fault with basic mode disk caching. A cached page is now being prefixed with a nine byte text string. This text is inserted before the page expiry time and compressed page data is written.

    What this means is that the page expiry time is never picked up successfully when the cache page is referenced. The page is always thought to be expired and cached disk pages are never returned. There is also a problem with decoding of the returned data.

    Here is the original explanation and even a fix for the problem

    @frederick, if you read this I think you should fix this ASAP, since I guess many people were using the basic disc caching, including me.

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  • In my opinion, Federico knows, but it will never allow this and other corrections.

    I write this to encourage your pride, and get him in the publication of this correction, and all the others.

    In my opinion, Federico never admit these serious errors in the compilation of the code.

    These and other serious problems, discovered by me and not made ​​public for reasons of safety performance, are present in the code from 31/08/2011.

    This latest security hole is very serious, compromising the security of thousands of installations of WordPress.

    Frederick promised publicly in this forum, to more people, and in different threads, an update of the plugin by March 2012, but that update never happened.

    Some correction were already present in the release development of 31/08/2011 but are deleted for no reason.

    A few months later it was revealed this flaw, which actually had been around since 2011.

    A few months after it was made ​​public this security flaw known since 2011.

    Frederick Townes of W3 Total Cache Replies To Security Issues

    This is my personal opinion expressed with the utmost humility and respect.


    Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    @tdf, are you still having issues in the latest release?

    That is fixed now @frederick, but W3TC has some other issues:

    1. Scheduled posts not working at all. W3TC is messing up with the crone.
    2. Single pages/posts can not be cleared from the cache. If I want a single page to be cleared I have to clear the whole page cache (thousands of pages).
    3. Consumption of APC memory is doubled (database caching), presumably because you’ve changed the way queries are handled now.

    Cache preload in does not appear to be working.

    My settings are:

    auto prime ticked
    upd interval: 900
    Page interval: 10
    Sitemap URL: blank
    Prime post cache on publish ticked

    I made the settings, went to sleep and 8 hours later the front page and all other pages still took a long time to initially load so I am assuming that the preload never ran even though it’s supposed to run every 900 seconds.

    My site’s under development and there are only 25 product pages [cartpress], 6 blog entries and 10 or so regular pages.

    The cache itself certainly works because after loading a page once (slow 15 to 20 seconds) subsequent loads are fast (1/2 seconds tops).

    What have I not done yet to make preload work? I’m using WP 3.5.1

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