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  • Version is another disastrous update by the developers. This is not the first time a W3 Total Cache upgrade has resulted in disastrous results and it’s appalling that this is still being pushed out as an update.

    DO NOT update to this version. Do not update to the next version until there are some guarantees it won’t totally destroy your site.

    If you have a white screen of death go into your file manager and remove all traces of W3 Total cache.

    Credibility for this development team now = ZERO

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  • Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    I’m trying to get all relevant topics in the forum updated to help folks know why they having trouble with the update. It’s not the additional features, those have been tested with enterprise and paying customers week over week for the past year, it’s switching file management to use the WP FileSystem API at the suggestion of WP core developers, which is simply not working out obviously. Because W3TC creates files, if *anything* goes wrong with file management, the user’s experience is going to be terribleā€¦ obviously. Other plugins don’t have to worry about this at all, which the reason why this is so bothersome to users. Making a server faster requires changing it’s behavior, there’s nothing I can do differently especially with millions of possible environments to deal with.

    So I’m sorry for the trouble, but the intent was to do things the “WP Way” and have everyone benefit from what the core developers have learned over the years. We will continue to work behind the scenes to that end, but for the moment the updated releases are reverting activation and file management BACK to the way things worked just fine before, once done, the great new features will work just fine for you.

    For those with MaxCDN as a CDN provider, issues there are with their updated API. For those with Cloudflare, issues there arise from updates to their new API (you know have far more control of your account from within W3TC and better integration with their platform).

    Thanks for trying W3TC, if there were a simple way create files and folders via PHP in a secure way on every single server and environment out there then clearly we would take that route. If we hadn’t have tried to follow recommendations, no changes to install, activation, update etc would have been made and people would stop calling us namesā€¦ maybe.

    I understand your pain from what your have described despite not being a developer myself. My angst though is why the update continued to be pushed out when reports were already flowing in that it was causing major problems?

    Perhaps it’s an issue with the way that the plugin store operates in that an update cannot be removed or 404’d once it’s been included in the store?

    Your plugin ordinarily works pretty well, apart from the large number of files that it creates, just in this instance there were problems and the roll-out continued after the faults were known.

    Thank you for responding in such detail and I sincerely hope you and your team are able to overcome these challenges.

    Hi Frederick

    I join to above comment. It was very nice from you to respond and reply in detail. But question stays – why this version is not stopped while issues are not resolved?

    Why HUGE message in my WP admin page to upgrade? – When this upgrade leads to my website crashing, resulting in lot of work from our side for no reason. This message is so huge, that looks like spam. And point that lead me to action that WILL crash my website is even worst…

    I admire you skills and respect your work. I notice few times that you are always willing to respond and try to sort all issues. But, really I can not understand why you rolled out new version AND placed this huge and damaging message?

    Kind regards



    @frederick, you mention that future updates would revert “BACK to the way things worked just fine.” However, I noticed on the current version (, 3 times as many people say it’s broken as say it works. So, I’m very nervous to update. (Once bitten, twice shy!) Is there another update coming to address further issues, or should I roll the dice and try to update again?



    Disregard above. I look a leap of faith and updated to the latest version. (Well, not complete faith…I did back everything up first.) Anyway, I’m happy to report that everything is working fine with! Had to teak a few permissions, but other than that, smooth sailing!

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