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    I have used Backup Guard for several years not realising that a sword of Damocles was dangling away above my head until now.

    I recently checked in on many sites hosted in our data centre to find that all provisioned Backup Guard plugins had stopped registering and were thus unlicensed. Scheduled backups had not completed for many months without any reports to indicate as such.

    Further to this and in fact more serious was the discovery that scheduled “Full” backups were actually incomplete, truncated exports that did not include all data.

    Upon restoration of these backups, I discovered missing files and database corruption (inoperable sites). Had my customers needed to restore one of these backups, they would have found that the site was irreparably lost.

    As a responsible service provider, I have several tiers or redundancy so this has not affected my customers but I would hate to be the customer that relies solely on Backup Guard for protection only to find out that restoring into a new server environment fails disastrously.

    Users: Please heed this advice… Check your backups regularly and trial restore into a separate server platform.

    Backup Guard: Please accept this feedback as informative and constructive criticism. I will not be persevering with this and I will not be renewing my license but I will provide the following details for you to perform your own investigation.

    Wordpress Versions: 5.9.2, 5.9.3, 6.0.0, 6.0.1, 6.0.2
    PHP versions 7.4
    Backups are obviously incomplete as upon inspection, the size of the backup wrong. Using alternative product reveals the true size of the backup.

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    Dear @klearsky ,

    We are sad to see a review like this and terribly sorry for the encountered issue.
    Your honest feedback is highly appreciated.

    However, let us go through it, so we ensure we are on the same line.

    1. Kindly ask you to clarify what you mean by saying the plugins had stopped registering and were thus unlicensed.
    It is not quite clear what was is the exact issue.

    2. Please, note, that by referring to a Full backup of the website, we refer to the backup of the wp-content folder only. May we know if this is the reason you call the backups incomplete?

    3. You claimed, that upon restoring, there were missing files and a corrupted Database: to be able to find the cause of the issue, we would need the restore log and the backup file itself, so we can see the difference and try to fix it.
    Is it possible that you can find the log file and send it to us along with the backup file?

    Also, may we know if you have tried to contact us regarding the issue?
    We are asking this since we are not able to find the support ticket with the details.

    4. As for the size of the backup: I am sure you have noticed, that our backup files are in the .sgbp format, which is much smaller than .zip.
    It is the format invented by us for saving space.

    Thus, it is the main reason, that the backup size made with our plugin is different from the size of the backup created with another one, as we compress the files in a .sgbp format.

    Once again, we want to thank you for the time and input shared.
    We hope to hear back from you soon.

    BackupGuard Team

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