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  • Last night i updated to latest version
    I found out this morning that all relations between post of different languages have been lost.
    So i have to fix from scratch 3000 posts and 300 pages.
    I dint`t go to work today, i am struggling already for hours in front of a pc screen to correct one by one all posts which were working fine until yesterday.
    It is not necessary to express my anger, i m sure you can imagine.

    But i will create 20 different accounts and i ll destroy this plugin`s reputation.

    I dont want any sorry…
    As you can see i changed my review, i may lost hours but it is not the first time and definitely with wordpress(and any CMS) it will not be the last.
    I do make some plugins but only for my own use, never make them public, because i don`t want people to blame me if something goes wrong.
    Sorry if i sounded a little rough

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  • Plugin Author Dennis Ploetner


    There is nothing destroyed because the saved relationships are still there. You can just wait some hours and the next fix will be online.

    I think I don’t have to comment the rest.

    Don`t comment anything.
    1) Relations wasn`t there because i spended 12 hours to fix them.
    If relations were somewhere in a file you could help by tell us which file so we could take it from backup.
    2) You tell me to wait some hours for the next fix, Nobody is going to wait for some hours if he doesn`t know the real cause for this, and by talking about fix you admit that the problem exists and is real, this makes me hesitant to use any update from now on.
    3) you should ask for an apologise at least, nobody can stay calm if he has to spent his day in fixing something so unexpectable.

    Plugin Author Dennis Ploetner


    Yes, i can confirm that de_DE had no problem with new version, the problem was with en_US only

    btw, i have two questions
    i recreated all relationships in the MSLS 2.0.2 now and it works, Do i have to leave it like this or do i have to update again to a possibly new version which will take care of this problem?

    I didn`t try at first to restore the 1.1 version from backup, i suppose now that this would have restore things as before, but to be honest i was in a state of panic just by thinking the 3000 posts and the huge work needed to fix them all…something that unfortunately i did…

    Plugin Author Dennis Ploetner


    Version 2.0.3 will look for the keys “us” or “en” and copy the values to “en_US” before it starts to use them. So there will be nothing to do.

    Thanks. With the latest upate everything was recreated. I didn’t have to do anything but do the update.

    I wish i was more patient, no prob anyway.

    one flag is missing though since 2.0.2! it was dropped from the…container during transfer…lol! (el.png)
    just add it for the next versions.

    Arabic flag is missing, ar, please add it to the plugin. I lost the flag after the last update to 2.2.0, please help!

    Plugin Author Dennis Ploetner



    version 2.2.0 points automatically to the icon arableague.png if the language is ‘ar’.

    Please, open your own support-topic in case that removing your custom code does not work.




    Dear Dennis,

    Great support from you, I just renamed my custom flag file from ar.png to arableague.png and issue was solved. I agree this name (arableague.png) makes more sense than just (ar) as it may mix up with the flag name of (Ar)gentine.

    all the best.

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