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  • Clients are already asking us to convert out of WordPress. The biggest disaster is separating text into paragraph blocks. This is making it impossible to write, edit offline/paste and manage deep content. The editor is jumpy, boggy and junk code is inserted between each paragraph. For many clients, writing offline is safest and easiest, but pasting from notepad breaks all of the paragraphs into separate blocks. This is absolutely useless for most site owners, and there is no workaround.

    Junk code between paragraphs is also an additional process, so I would consider server resources as well as ease of use. How can a client move between blocks to edit deep content efficiently? There is no way.

    The benefits and upgrades are understood and appreciated, but the mess created now is costing clients time and money, and forcing developers to repair at no charge to the customer. We chose, and need, a simple editor. WordPress was among the first to encourage end user editing; that is a responsibility created that also took update work from the developer. We can’t backtrack now and make it so difficult they can no longer do so.

    Please take the paragraph blocks out before they damage more small businesses. There was a previous mention of legal action. I do not agree, but in reality, once clients start crashing into walls, they feel we are responsible for losses. Without the option to retain the single page content area, we cannot be held responsible. Good faith, good practice, and a reasonable consideration of the effects of this issue will probably save us all from some very hard times–GPL, third party, responsible party, or not. We can’t afford to run to all sites ever built and patch or block the editor, then wait (in fear) for EOL of the patch; or migrate those sites take customers to something they can use. Nor can we afford to later clean up the junk between paragraphs when this changes again. And it will. It always does. Block editing should not be the default choice. Thank you for taking this seriously and not blocking this post, as others have been. Trying to explain the issues is not a rant. We appreciate the hard work of the developers very much. But surprises like this are devastating.

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