• Why should installing a plugin be so hard!
    1) find Cornerstone on the plugin store.
    2) click install
    3) click activate
    4) find it on your list of installed and activated plugins.

    All works fine. But does absolutely NOTHING. No menu items, no settings link.
    So you could start trying to figure out why, but then that will waste another half an hour. Because there is nothing to discover. No warning messages, further hints at what you ought to do. It is not going to do anything. So don’t waste your time.

    I finally downloaded Live Composer instead. Immediately it worked. That made me feel that it was not me after all.

    To the developers:
    Instructions please guys. I am sure it’s great when it works. But do not assume new users to the plugin know how to navigate the installation procedures.

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    • This topic was modified 7 years, 3 months ago by fabsoftware.
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    Hmmm, it sounds like you may have been expecting something different from what this plugin’s description says it does. Otherwise, it would have been pretty clear why you didn’t see the things you mentioned, such as plugin-specific settings pages (it doesn’t need any) and warning messages (though this is something you generally don’t want to see with any plugin).

    For example, the installation tab links directly to tutorials that cover how to use several of Cornerstone’s primary features. If you didn’t want to click any of those, you could have also found some useful details in the screenshots tab that shows the additional fields added to the Post Editor, allowing you to set the post’s section.

    Nonetheless, I’m glad you found a plugin that does what you were looking for. Have a great day!

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    Seeing that he or she opted for »Live Composer«, @fabsoftware probably expected ThemeCo’s page builder »Cornerstone«. This name confusion could be a potential problem for both companies (and users).

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