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  • Disappointed that this was not easy to set up at all.

    [1] In order to get the side-floating bar, it was necessary to create a login account at I can handle that part, but the configuration of the side-floating bar is then configured at, so you have two places to configure your share icons rather than (simply) your WordPress dashboard.

    [2] For the life of me I could not work out where to configure the look of the side-floating bar. Once I found the settings on the website (a tiny cog icon), I was disappointed to see that I couldn’t configure the look of the side-floating bar icons (e.g. make the corners rounded or change the count number format)

    [3] The pop-up configuration screens within the WordPress dashboard are annoying and do not fit within the framework of the WordPress dashboard look. And it took me a while to work out that the save settings button was hidden below the bottom of my screen, so my settings were not being saved when I assumed I just had to close the popup window.

    [4] The floating side-bar seemed to load every time I clicked on a new page, which makes for slow reloading.

    [5] One the dashboard settings (remember you have to check *either* the dashboard or the website for the settings you need), mentions the ‘index’ location for the share buttons, but I could not find information about where that is. At first I thought it might have referred to the floating sidebar, but no.

    [6] The floating sidebar did not show up on my responsive theme on mobile.

    Overall I was disappointed and frustrated enough to specifically log back in to to give this review. It is just not intuitive to setup and it’s a shame because it looks like it has potential. But the setup interface is just a nightmare.

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  • Hi @sugarcane,

    Thanks for the incredible list of feedback! Please see below response below in order of your issues:

    1.) We wanted the Floated Share Buttons to available for other users, not only for WordPress users. We believe that sharing is caring here at Shareaholic! Also, creating a account allows you to view and track your website’s social analytics, which is information a plugin can’t retrieve. Oh! And we now have Follow Buttons (e.g. Follow me!) on, as well. This allows your readers to follow you on various social platforms.

    2.) To find the Floated Share Buttons settings, you can click on the link that reads “Floated Share Button” (which is next to the cog) to get to the Floated Share Buttons. The cog works too, but it’s probably just easier to click the link that says Floated Share Buttons.

    3.) If you’re viewing the dashboard on a small monitor, you can always minimize the view of the browser.

    4.) This is a bit concerning since our Floated Share Buttons should have very little effect on the speed of your page loading.

    5.) I made you a helpful directory! 😀
    – Share Buttons = WordPress
    – Floated Share Buttons =

    6.) Floated Share Buttons are no longer available for mobile unless your mobile device screen is over 400px x 700px (e.g. tablets), then they will automatically appear. We decided to remove this feature because it would overlap the content of a website, regardless of how mobile responsive the website is. And since the buttons are “floated”, it won’t wrap around text.

    We really hope our interface doesn’t give you nightmares because that sounds terrible and is the last thing we want to do. Our goal is for you to be happy.

    Again, thank you for the helpful feedback. We absolutely take in consideration everything you tell us. In the future, just send it directly to and we’ll take care of you from there.


    Mary Anne

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