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    Edit: Updated from 1 star to 3 stars: please see comment below the review.

    I am really disappointed in this plugin and in Printful. I installed it more than a year ago and it was working seamlessly back then. I didn’t look at it for a while because my business was on hiatus, but this past week I had to hit ‘refresh data’ and it simply won’t sync. Everything is up to date and I’ve disabled all other plugins, but still get the same error. It tells me that the server maximum execution time needs to be increased, and support tells me to check with my web host and that there’s nothing they can do. My web host sees absolutely zero issues on their end, and no errors in the logs, or time outs. And the server execution time is already at its maximum limit. Basically I just went back and forth between support with no solution.

    I spent an entire day trying to fix it and actually got to the point where I completely deleted my WooCommerce store and reinstalled it, just to start fresh and make sure no plugins or anything could possibly be interfering with it. Still the same syncing issue. I’m now at a loss, but don’t think I will be using Printful in future, unless it’s to make manual orders, but that defeats the purpose of having an automated service.

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  • Hi there!

    Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. We’re sorry to hear that it hasn’t been the best one.
    Woocommerce is not the easiest platform to set up as it requires some developer skills, however, once everything is set, it should be running smoothly.
    Our developer team has gone through all errors that show up and in most cases confirmed that on our side help is limited. Woocommerce offers many customization options which cause these errors. On Printful the flow is easy – click ‘Add product’ and we push the product to the storefront, however, if there are settings that don’t match, conflicting plugins, or issues with Cloudfare, the server stops the push and shows an error.
    Each such case is unique, so we encourage users to check in with Woocommerce support and your hosting to double-check what could be causing the issue. Sometimes it is as easy as copying the API again or comparing the store links.
    Please know that we forward these reviews to our team to look into in case there is something we can do from our side. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

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    Thanks for your reply. I understand all of that, but your support has basically told me all of the same things, I’ve tried everything you’ve written here, and I went to my webhost(Siteground) support 3 times and they couldn’t find any errors or problems on their end. I also reinstalled WooCommerce completely fresh, with no other plugins and still got the same issue. Unless Siteground is not revealing that the issue is on their end, there’s not much else I can do at this stage. I will probably keep trying to sync the store because I really like your product selection and it was working so seamlessly before so I’m hoping it’s a temporary issue, but the experience has been very stressful recently. I will update this review if things improve.

    I’ve run into this identical problem, and am stuck between PF ‘support’ denying it’s on their end and confirmation from Bluehost that the issue is not sever based and is a conflict inside PF.

    Half the PF products I upload work/sync perfectly & half repeatedly fail.

    It just makes Printful seem unreliable.

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    Thanks for commenting on your experience tropicalproject. I have an update however. I waited about a week and re-installed the plugin to a fresh WordPress/WooCommerce install (luckily my shop is still in development and not actually live yet – but this wouldn’t be easy for those whose shops are!). Everything seems to be syncing fine since doing this. I really do not know if using a fresh WordPress installation is what fixed it because it still didn’t sync the very first time straight after the fresh install (just before I made this review and before waiting for a week). So maybe there was just some problem on the server end of things that needed time to fix itself, that either SiteGround or Printful just weren’t revealing/detecting, but it does seem to work now without issues, and still syncing now a few weeks later.

    I am still hesitant to make my shop live yet as I want to make sure it will continue syncing fine – so I am experimenting with products and giving it some time to ensure there won’t be the same issues in future. I’m going to edit my review now to 3 stars because I think that is fair.

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