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  • Be warned that if you decide to go ahead with the premium version of this plugin, the team are very strict on their no refunds policy. I bought the plugin and then ended up not using it, because it wasn’t a nice plugin to use. I neglected to cancel my account… admittedly my own fault, but with covid increasing pressure and stress on my business I was hoping that the developers of this plugin would be kind enough to see that I was only a day late, I even offered to cover the admin fee of cancelling/refunding it, however they took the greedy route and said “it wouldn’t be fair to offer you a refund”.

    Their “auto renewal reminder” emails come through a month before my renewal with the following subject: “[GamiPress] Your license key is about to expire”. Which to me implies that no action is required.

    I do not recommend this plugin:
    1. Because the plugin is not easy to use
    2. Because the developer knows this and has made sure that you cannot get your money back

    Full email content:

    Your license key for Progress is expiring within 30 days.

    It is important to keep your license up to date in order to continue getting updates for Progress and support for any issues you may encounter.

    Renewing your license grants you access to support and updates for another year, including all updates for bug fixes and feature introductions.

    Your license will be automatically renewed on February 26, 2021 if you don’t cancelled the yearly subscription generated automatically at the moment of the purchase.

    If you wish to renew your license manually, simply go to your account and check the licenses tab.

    Best regards,

    The GamiPress Team

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  • Plugin Author Ruben Garcia


    Hi @porridj

    I’m sorry to see that you decided to leave a review about this here

    As I said through email, is not fair to make an exception for your case since the application of this policy need to be equal for everyone

    In our website we warn about the yearly licenses on each product page and in the cart, and for each license you received 2 emails informing you about this 30 and 15 days before the renewal

    Anyway, we take every suggestion and will revise the contents of our renewal notices as you suggest

    Best regards

    Thread Starter porridj


    I explained how I had not used the plugin in over a year via email. I offered to cover your admin fees.

    I have volunteered a lot of my free time to help struggling businesses for free, because covid-19 has had a big negative impact on everyone. I could have chosen to charge struggling businesses, but I chose not to, because it’s nice to be nice.

    You’re absolutely right, you did not need to do anything because it’s covered in your terms and conditions, but I was hoping to appeal to your generous side (seeing as I’ve already paid for a full year and not used your plugin, which I accept is my own fault).

    I buy a vast amount of premium plugins on behalf of my clients, and this is the first plugin that I have had this issue with. Any other developer in the WordPress community I have dealt with has been more than happy to come to some compromise and that’s usually what makes WordPress so great.

    You are well within your rights to take my money, because I made a mistake. My message here is to warn others that you have a zero tolerance policy on refunds, as, if I had read this message before using your plugin it would have made me think twice about using your premium plugin.

    No veo que esta queja tenga fundamento. Soy usuario premium y como cualquier suscripción auto renovable si no la cancelas se vuelve a cobrar.

    He leído el mail y es justo, explicando muy bien que si no se cancela se auto renueva.

    Si cometiste un error o se te olvidó, mala suerte amigo, así es la vida.

    Yo aún no he pasado mi primer año pero cuando llegue el momento decidiré o no renovar al recibir el mail recordatorio.

    Otra cosa es que no usaras el plugin, eso no es culpa de los desarrolladores.

    Un abrazo a todo el equipo de Gamipress.

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