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    As an avid user of WordPress, I was eager to try out Kubio, attracted by its promises of AI development, seamless website migration and enhanced functionality. However, my experience with Kubio turned out to be a frustrating and ultimately fruitless endeavor.

    Despite initially being impressed by the results Kubio offered, I soon encountered serious issues that severely impacted the functionality of my website. These issues were not minor glitches but rather significant roadblocks that rendered my site unusable.

    One of the primary reasons I opted for the Pro version of Kubio was for its purported ability to facilitate smooth website migration. However, despite investing in this upgrade, I found myself unable to successfully migrate my site. This failure not only wasted valuable time but also incurred additional costs, leaving me deeply dissatisfied with the product.

    Compounding my frustration was the lack of support from the Kubio team. Despite reaching out to them multiple times via email for assistance, after their first failed solution, I received no further response whatsoever. The absence of any form of support or even acknowledgment of my concerns is inexcusable and reflects poorly on the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

    In conclusion, while Kubio may promise impressive results, my experience with the plugin has been overwhelmingly negative. The issues I encountered, coupled with the lack of support, left me with no choice but to seek alternative solutions for my website needs. I would strongly advise others to proceed with caution when considering Kubio, as it has failed to deliver on its promises and left me deeply disappointed.

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  • Plugin Support cristianbarbu


    Hi @shocktheweb,

    I’m sorry to hear about the problems you faced with Kubio. Your feedback is really important to us, and we’re genuinely sorry we didn’t meet your expectations.

    We understand how frustrating it must have been for you, especially with getting your website from the test stage to live. We’re here to make things right for you.

    It seems like there might have been some mix-up or technical issue with our support emails. We reply to every message we get, but sometimes emails end up in spam folders or don’t reach you for other reasons.

    To make sure we help you out, could you please send us another email at support@kubiobuilder.com? We’ll make sure to sort things out for you as quickly as possible.

    We’re really sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. Your feedback helps us improve, and we’re working hard to fix these issues.

    Thank you for your patience, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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