• yepjustin


    Things I liked.

    The sales and service team are very helpful. They will do their best to answer your questions and solve your issues. They also helped to integrate hardware systems like POS with extra programming in the backend.

    Things I did not like.

    • Buttons and features would suddenly alter with updates.
    • Login issues whenever there was an update. Furthermore, the store would not be responsive sporadically. Shutdowns, restarts were a constant theme.
    • Updates also caused issues with the Tax setting in WooCommerce. During a sale, products would be added without tax to the shopping cart, even though our WooCommerce store was set up to require TAX to be shown in the final price. This would drive us nuts when we realized the sale went through and no tax on the final printout.
    • The thing that killed us was the SPEED. Completing an order would take between 6-10s until the POS printed a receipt ticket. No fun when clients are waiting in line. They would blame our (Litespeed) servers. I had another POS system where I transacted 50 orders in a span of 3 hours and had zero problems with speed.
    • I paid upfront for a full year. After 4 months, I was fed up with the bugs. I requested a payment back for the remaining months, but they declined.

    All in all, a very disappointing and expensive experience.

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