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    This review is coming a bit late as I ceased using WP Project Manager Pro back in November of 2020 due to the reasons stated below, however, I choose to share this feedback in the event that others experience similar issues with WeDevs and WP Project Manager Pro going forward. Please note that this is the third revision of this review as WeDevs showed sincere effort in their attempts to help improve my customer experience.

    To make a long story short, this plugin shows great promise, but needs work. It’s been a few months since my last attempt at incorporating their solution into my design so I can only imagine that the issues I once had have been fixed. For anyone seriously considering the purchase of the Pro license, really do your due diligence and read their return policy, thoroughly. I experienced a rather less than pleasant experience with my attempts at requesting a refund. The discount code that was offered——and that I used——disqualified me from getting my money back, despite being within the 14 day window. Hopefully this is no longer the policy that is in effect as you read this, so double-check.

    Yeasin, one of the Product Support members at WeDevs, showed great persistence in trying to help me out after I discontinued my subscription. Due to his perseverance I’m giving him and WeDevs the benefit of the doubt and trusting that they are sincere in improving their product and customer service. Time will only tell. Otherwise, if the product looks and works well for you under a trial version, then go for it, just make sure you understand the return and service policy upon making your purchase.

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    Hi @toibox,

    I apologize for this unexpected inconvenience.

    I can understand your situation but it was a technical issue on your site only.
    Also, between fixing issues, you changed the site credentials and I informed you that the Directory Lockout credentials are not working for me but till now, there is no update from you.

    There was an issue that has been fixed and implemented on your site last time. Also, the project just opens after creating and can be found on the project dashboard.

    If you are facing issues on your site till now and want to get a refund then just let us know in your ticket that I can help you as soon as possible.

    Thanks for your understanding.

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    Thank you for your input as well as for your numerous efforts in attempting to help me before. I’m very sorry to be engaging you like this but as you know I repeatedly sent verified development environment credentials. I also replied with additional video documentation showing that the underlying issue was not resolved. Since resolution seemed to go nowhere I made my decision to proceed with requesting the refund.

    I don’t like giving negative feedback unless it is factual, warranted and based upon my own, direct experience. Upon further reflection, perhaps a 1 star rating was rather harsh (I have bumped up the rating to 2 stars, as of this writing) considering your numerous attempts along with the promising-nature of this product. With that said, it is execution and support that matter most, to me, as a customer/user/implementor.

    I based my rating of this plugin on my personal experience in that: it did not work as expected (back in late October of 2020), the big issues I was having were not resolved despite my thoroughness of documentation (to include multiple videos) and because of my disappointment with the refund policy.

    At this point I do not want a refund, rather I hope that you take this and all of my emailed feedback in earnest. Of course, any and all of this can be spun for interpretation but that wouldn’t serve you or the community in striving for better business or a better WordPress.

    Thank you.

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