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    I downloaded the free Alexandria theme, because it looked nice to me. Trying it out I noticed a problem with using the latin extended font type, one I happen to need.

    The developer: Theme Alley (owner: Srikanth Koneru) says on its website it strictly ignores any support requests from users of the free version. I kind of understood that, so I bought the pro/paid version, assuming in that case I would be helped and that the font problem could be easily fixed. Besides, Theme Alley did not mention incompatibility with particular font types such as latin extended A (which is to some extent a standard nowadays), so I also saw it as my right as a consumer to just get a properly working website.

    I followed Theme Alley’s support procedure for Pro customers and received an answer. The man (or woman, let’s assume it is a man, he never tells his name, even when I kindly asked for it) logged in on my account and tried to help, but in it didn’t seem to work on first sight. Later it did, but due to hosting problems I lost the changes and asked Theme Alley’s support person to help (once) again. He refused and informed me that his previous help was just a courtesy and he won’t do anything extra.

    He had already informed me that there would be more font options in the Pro theme by the end of april. I just asked him about it today, just to check his credibility. His response was that those changes are included in a more expensive theme (he didn’t say so before), and if I like to use that, I will have to pay the difference. I asked for a refund to save us both time and stress, but to that e-mail I did not get an answer, which somehow does not surprise me. I already counted the $35 as a loss anyway, but I have to warn other consumers. Besides I cannot believe how such as poor support offering developer can produce such a high ranking when searching for a responsive theme in my WP webdesign ‘search themes’ option.

    I always tried to stay kind to the guy, however assertive, but this person (I assume I had contact with one person only) is impolite and not a good business partner. Sometimes he just did not reply to (normal, not offensive) e-mails, as is the case today again. As the end of the month April was approaching, I decided not to wait, but to move on, and doing so found a great theme on the website of one of the world’s biggest online theme (and other graphic design) marketplace.

    For just a few Euros more than Theme Alley’s (now: basic) Pro theme and for the same price as their new Pro extended version, so for $55 I have a truly great looking, fully responsive theme with many great options (including many page templates, thus better than Theme Alley) and a kind and professional support staff member who usually answers within one day and truly helps. What a relief!

    If you want to save your nerves, do not do business with Theme Alley.

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