• I’m afraid I have to add my own low rating to this plug-in.

    1. They claim to have excellent support. I have been looking for a few hours now and what I’ve found was unanswered help inquiries from 3 years ago, and a recent one from 3 months ago where they don’t appear to even pay attention to what the person is asking for. ‘Please tell me what to do” usually means the person needs a step for step of what to do or at least a general idea, not a nonsensical explanation of how something in it should work. I myself can’t get the system to work, so I’ve been looking for answers and found zip. Why would I waste my time contacting them after seeing their lack of understanding nor care?

    2. The system won’t work for me. I keep getting a timeout error, or to input a valid shipping profile. I was able to input what the system decided was a valid shipping profile, but to do that I had to choose options that are not valid according to my ebay store. I do not like being forced to create a new shipping profile – and thus making a mess of my ebay settings with clutter – with options I do not want. Unlike other plugins it wouldn’t capture my profiles I already have in place and just use those. So when it came time for me to be forced to create an entirely new returns policy, I said enough was enough and stopped. I don’t take returns. The kind of items I sell encourage theft, because the people can copy the item and then claim a return. So I don’t take them. I dislike being forced to say I do.

    To go full on with this, the cost is something like $200. Why in the h*** would I pay that much after seeing the lack of care and attention their sample presents? Thank you no. Using this plugin I’d have to input everything myself anyway. Not wasting my time any further.

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