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  • Displays a fake and fraudulent security warning to fearmonger you into buying their hosting. (Warns about missing SSL even tho site is already using https)

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  • Plugin Author Steven Gliebe



    I’m sorry for the false positive. There is either a bug that we’d like to fix or a misconfiguration of your URL settings.

    Could you please check Settings > General to see if your URL settings are still using http:// even though you have SSL installed? The plugin checks that setting.

    In any case, it would be helpful to us if you send us the the value of that setting so that, if it is set to https://, we can check the pattern match on it. It could be a bug.

    Thank you.

    Plugin Author Steven Gliebe


    I just released an update to reduce likelihood of false positives on the https check in the case that a user hasn’t changed their URL settings to https:// while using https. If this is what happened in your case, then it should be fixed by updating. Otherwise, please let me know and we can further troubleshoot.

    The only case of a false positive now should be a user who did not update the URL settings and who is on hosting behind a load balancer, which makes https detection inaccurate / difficult. This should be a very small minority.

    I don’t need your hosting nor an ssl certificate.
    Shame that you ruin a very good plugin with spam and scaremongering.

    Plugin Author Steven Gliebe


    @mibut1958 I’m glad you find the plugin to be very good. I hope it will continue to be useful to you for importing and exporting widgets. Otherwise, you may like to try the other widget import/export plugin that is on I actually made this one because I was having issues with the other but I think they have resolved those problems since then.

    Are you seeing a false positive on the HTTPS check? If so, please open a support request in the forum. I will be happy troubleshoot with you and if I find a bug, I’ll tackle it. One issue was ironed out but it’s possible there is another.

    You certainly don’t need to use our hosting and you can stick with HTTP if that’s your plan (assuming your issue was not with a false positive). You can just click the “X” to permanently dismiss the notice. We’re not trying to scare people. We are trying to inform people about something that has become critical. Naturally we recommend our own product as a solution which helps fund development and support of this free plugin. Unfortunately, asking for donations wasn’t effective.

    In any case, thank you for your feedback on the notice. Most people seem to be glad to know about it but a few are not happy being told and I can certainly understand being upset in the case of a false positive if that is what has happened with your site. We’ll decide in a few months whether or not to keep it and leave the plugin free or to just put a price tag on the whole thing.

    All the best to you.

    Very disapointing policy with this php/http warnings! I got several clients contacting me with worries even thou they are on perfectly safe php versions and functioning ssl. We dont need you to reply more about the false positive etc., this is no cool way to promote your services in the sphere. Ill give you the chance to reply that youll change your approach from fearmongering to a more polite approach before Ill stop using your service.

    Plugin Author Steven Gliebe


    Hi @hakonzen,

    The false positives should’ve been fixed in the last update. Are you using version 1.5.1? In any case, we’ll probably be doing away with the notices soon. Please see this:

    How we will monetize the plugin is still a mystery to us. Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of people want to use it but not support our costs of development and free support in any tangible way. Not sure if we can keep providing these things without some commercial aspect but clearly what we’ve tried is not the right approach.

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Plugin Author Steven Gliebe


    @quibblefertz @mibut1958 @hakonzen Version 1.5.2 removes the security notices. Thank you all for letting us know how you felt about this.



    Hi @stevengliebe
    Thanks for your positive respons, witch I believe is the only right choise. I have used your plugin a lot, and i would hate to ditch you cause of a bad choise of approach.

    I do understand you concern about monetizing on the plugin, I guess many plugin devs in here are. But when you first release something into the WP plugin depo, you gotta play by the book and play fair.

    As you probably have learned by now, to intimidate is not the way foreward, so you have to try another approach. I believe in honest, poitive communication, both with your users, and with your fellow community developers. Many do make a living out of their plugins, reach out and learn what they have done

    Good luck @stevengliebe 🙂

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