• Always extremely disappointing when a plugin developer decides to make a set of options that were previously free, only available in the pro upgrade.

    “Here, use my free plugin”, then years later, “sorry, changed my mind, you have to pay me now…” You don’t get any warning, you just find out that any site using this plugin is now ‘broken’ when users start complaining.

    Pay for an upgrade or go back to every site where the plugin was used and re-publish any page or post that has a video. Kind of feels like extortion to me?

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  • Plugin Author Nico


    I guess you never heard of downgrading a plugin or bulk replacing content. Because this statement is just made up bs.

    Pay for an upgrade or go back to every site where the plugin was used and re-publish any page or post that has a video.

    If the old version worked for you then you are free to use it forever, I even have all old versions on Github for everyone to use. You speak about “extortion” without even thinking or asking about anything! You are not forced to do either of those things.

    I not know what exactly you mean by “re-publish” but I guess you mean changing shortcodes with mode="something" to mode="normal" to make the updated plugin work without the pro addon. If so you are probably doing it wrong in the first place because the docs always stated to recommended using mode only for special videos and omit it for most. Then all you would have to do it change a option and not republish everything. There are also advanced regular expression replacing plugins to replace content in posts you could use in all kinds of ways. So if you feel you need to republish every single post without ever opening any support thread then its your problem you brought on yourself.

    And yeah I know I am such a evil person for offering free pro addons for legacy users for about 1 year. I had a “warning” in there offering free pro addons. But if people update their sites only once per year or so like you seen to do then you may have missed that.

    Do you get payed for your work? Yes! So why should I work for free? It’s not that I planned to do this. It just happened to become a almost full time job for me so I decided to roll out a pro addon. It was actually the idea of a user/donor. Otherwise I would have to abandon it.

    “Years later” that exactly right, years after giving support for countless users for free, years later after working on improving, fixing, enhancing this plugin over and over again.

    Always extremely disappointing of people are extremely ungrateful, giving negative reviews with false assumptions before asking or thinking about anything! And fail to see it from the developers perspective.

    And even if the 2 options to avoid using the pro addon would not exist its not that 20$ is making you go broke. But people on the Internet rather sell their souls for some free Free FREE 111!Elf! product from some data mining company then dare to pay a few dollars for quality software from independent developers.

    Bye, your friendly extorter.

    Hi Nico,

    It was never about the money. Probably 80%+ of the plugins I use on my sites are paid. And if I’d known that change was coming I would have happily paid for an upgrade when I first added it… so I could just install it, publish my videos and forget about it.

    I guess what got me a bit annoyed that day was the fact that I’d used this plugin on a lot of different pages on a lot of different sites for a couple of years and I suddenly found out none of them were working…

    I’d used it extensively in good faith, then once I was invested, it’s basic function changed … and now I have to go back and redo the work.

    So whether a downgrade on all the sites will fix it, or I actually have to change the shortcodes on each and every video… even if I use a search and replace… it’s still a major pain, and one I think probably shouldn’t have happened.

    As it is I apologise for the 1 rating… that was pure frustration (and I can’t see any way to change it?) … but I do think, if you give something away for free you shouldn’t do take-backs later on.



    Plugin Author Nico


    Thats great to hear, thanks I had written a long comment at the time you made your last, then something went wrong and I lost all that text.

    I did not expect that you would apologize, I think you can change your rating if you don’t think its appropriate anymore.

    Maybe my decision to not remove the messages about the changes should not be removed. I am thinking about making it so the plugin switches to normal mode instead of displaying error messages the front-end and display a message about the pro-addon on the backend. At least that would not break sites entirely. Maybe I will do that in the future.

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