• I have been using the pre- 3.x version for a very long time (free version, but reached out to the developer and donated). Sadly, I have to say that version 3 is several steps backward… just to name a few points:

    – no line charts anymore
    – no names for charts, just IDs (which makes them hard to identify)
    – very limited parameterization of charts and tables
    – SQL column to small – need to create views for most queries.
    – some charts do not appear at all, without any feedback / error message
    – layout issues across the board – the more entities you have, the more issues with layout – it really is unusable for larger datasets
    – bar charts with no tooltiptext
    – …

    I could continue for a while. With all this working in previous versions, I am really disappointed. It always feels bad when version-up reduces functionality.

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  • @j-dimension,

    I am sorry that you are frustrated with the new version of our plug-in. Unfortunately bugs and security concerns in the old version required a complete re-write of the code. Our goal was to start with a very simple functioning version of the plugin and then continue to add features both from customer requests and from what we see as important. The old version is still available for your use until this version has the features that you want.

    Line charts are now available in the pro version of this product as we would like to be able to continue to put development time into maintaining and improving this plug-in.

    Thank-you for your feature suggestions. We definitely have plans to add further customization for charts and tables, the tool-tip feature and some labelling issues related to larger datasets. Note that some of the other table types available in the pro are much better at dealing with larger datasets (See the demos). Thank-you for your suggestions regarding names for charts and space for the SQL column as those are simple things that we can fix to better serve our customers. We would be happy to work with you to try to figure out what is happening with the charts that you have that are not displaying. Please feel free to Contact Us as we do tend to offer support even to our lite users.

    Thank-you kindly,


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