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  • Hi

    Strange problem, this one, and although I have found several topics on similar problems, none of the solutions have helped.

    I recently upgraded WP to 2.8.4 for a client, for security. Nothing went wrong with the upgrade, except that now, in one specific post, editing that post renders all the visual editor buttons invisible. Also, the bottom fields (custom fields, excerpt, etc.) are all minimized and cannot be expanded.

    Creating a new post works as normal. Editing most other posts also seems to work just fine. Though copying and pasting content into new posts might be a feasible workaround, I’d sooner get to the bottom of what’s causing the problem.

    I’ve tried:

    – Re-applying the upgrade (manual upload and upgrade)
    – turning on zlib output compression (as per some other solution out there on the interweb)
    – Permissions fiddling on the pertinent php files
    – Probably other things that I can’t remember off hand

    The only thing which I’m waiting on the IT guy at the client’s end to do is upgrade to the latest version of PHP (currently they’re on 5.1.6) though I’m not convinced this is where the problem lies.

    Any advice on what might be causing this would be gratefully received!


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