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  • Weird, weird, problem.
    I looked at my blog today, and in the sidebar under the last 5 recent comments are 3 obvious spam comments.
    They totally bypassed the moderation queue for spam.
    I get all comments emailed to me and I never got any for these.
    They don’t show up in my comment management area.
    Clicking on them sends me to the entry they are “stuck” to, but they are not there. (I’ve since closed comments on that entry) The entry itself has no other comments.

    What gives? Where can I delete them?

    I dunno, maybe they’re trackbacks, but I can’t find them anywhere. The only place they show up is under the “most recent comments” .

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  • Okay, problem solved. Solution noted here to help others.
    Part of it was with the “recent comment” plugin I’m using from MtDewVirus. It shows *any* recent comment, whether approved or not, or even spam. Should be easy to fix there, Dew.

    Sure enough, even though not visible in WP, they were right there clear as day in the database. They had character set codes for author-name, which is our guess for why they didn’t show up anywhere within WP.

    We ran an SQL statement right on the database to nuke them. Problem solved. 🙂

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