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  • The website in question was working fine, and under Appearance>Menus, the Menu Structure was also working fine when I stopped editing my web site last night. I left WP running in my Waterfox browser during the night, untouched.

    When I came in this morning, before I made any changes, I noticed that my Main Menu was missing. The only change anywhere was in WP itself, and it was as follows:

    1) On going to Appearance>Menus, the “Menu Structure” didn’t have any of my chosen menu items below it.

    2) I checked Customize>menus in the “Live Editor“, and all the items were still there, ordered exactly as they had been in “Menu Structure“.

    3) I noticed that when loading the Appearance>Menu page, that the Menu Structure items DO show up initially, however they vanish immediately, and the “Menu Settings” slides up to replace where the items should be.

    4) I thought it could be caused by a plugin I was using, and downloaded a different plugin to replace it, but it made no difference in the Menu Structures, although at that point, my web site’s main menu showed up again.

    4) I updated my WP to the latest version, and it made no difference.

    5) I deactivated all of my plugins, and it made no difference.

    6) I tried creating a brand new menu, in case the menus I was using were at fault, and the same problem occurred with a newly created menu.

    ATM, I’m using Ultra as a theme, and have had no issues with it.

    One point which could be meaningful – the final menu I created last night was very long. It had over 45 items in it. It is still perfectly set up in Customize>menus in the Live Editor. However, it was the last thing I did before stopping for the night, and it had a lot of items. Adding that point here in case the amount of items I added to the menu could have caused a problem.

    Thanks for your time and attention. It’s seriously appreciated.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Danny Santoro


    Automattic Happiness Engineer

    Hi there,

    I’m not sure about the Waterfox browser, but one thing to try would be to switch to a theme like Storefront to test and see if the customizer still has problems there. If so, then you may want to try using Chrome or regular Firefox, as there may be compatibility issues with the 64 bit browser.

    Thread Starter Moofie


    Thank you Danny. As I mentioned in my explanation, the Live Editor (Customizer) seems to be fine. It’s not the customizer … it’s the Appearance > Menus which is part of WP whatever theme you’re using …

    After reading your reply, I did try using a regular Firefox browser, and the Menu Structure is working properly in Firefox, however I need to point out that it was also working fine in Waterfox until last night, and that nothing in the browser was changed between last night when it was working, and this morning when it wasn’t.

    Is there, to anyone’s knowledge, a reason for the Appearance > Menus > “Menu Structure” to fold, or hide, its contents at any given time? Because – that’s exactly what it seems to be doing. The “Menu Settings“, which are just below, slide up to cover the area, and the items, which have been dragged into the location.

    If necessary, I can go back to using Firefox for setting up my website for now, but I’m concerned that it will just happen again there. I’d like to actually find out what could be causing the problem, and get on top of it.

    Thank you again for your reply, and thanks in advance to anyone else who has any ideas on what could be going on.

    Thread Starter Moofie


    Thought I’d follow up on this. I’ve since realized that the menu structure is visible on all browsers except Waterfox. For some reason, in Waterfox, my main menu shows up for a split second, and immediately vanishes. However, it shows up normally in Firefox, various versions of Chromium, Opera … and even Safari.

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