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  • Hmm, I noticed recently that upon trying to Edit an Imported Entry (imported from MT), the post completely disappears. I was just trying to shorten a post title and when I hit Save, the entry just disappeared. I tested another Imported Entry and the same thing happened.
    I’ve no problem editing regular entries, however.

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  • Ah, see- I hadn’t checked the database, but they’ve disappeared everywhere else for certain. Very odd.

    Looks like it might have something to do with the comments and pings settings on the post options. On my imported entry’s those are not set to on or off.
    If I set them to one or the other before I resave the post it doesn’t vanish.
    I’ve imported from Movable Type, if that makes a difference.

    Just checked, and if I go back into the database and manually set the comments and pings to “open” the post returns from the ether.

    here’s what phpMyAdmin is saying that it’s doing if I just ‘edit’ and ‘save’
    without actually changing anything:
    UPDATE wp_posts SET post_lat = NULL ,
    post_lon = NULL ,
    post_status = ‘publish’,
    comment_status = ‘open’,
    ping_status = ‘open’ WHERE ID = ’38’ LIMIT 1 ;
    so it looks like if the comments and pings aren’t set then the post status gets set to a null value when you resave.

    Well, that works. Guess I’ll have to go hack the database tomorrow. 😉 Thanks, Jeremiah.

    No Problem.. just wish I new enough php to actually affect a solution.. lol

    Thank you, Jeremiah! That was incredibly helpful information. 🙂

    Can someone tell me how to solve this issue? I tried turning all the pings and comments on via
    update wp_posts set comment_status=’open’;
    update wp_posts set ping_status=’open’;
    and they are open, but my missing entries haven’t returned.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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