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    Thanks for the awesome plugin, setup was super easy and worked out of the box with my LESS files…

    A very strange thing happened yesterday, the complied CSS file went missing without any user intervention, only when I made a change to the source LESS file and it was recompiled did it start showing again. Any ideas why this might be happening?


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    It was an issue of the 1.5 beta version. It has been fixed in 1.5.1. The garbage collector also cleaned used files.

    If a cache system was active, the CSS was never compiled again causing your website to be naked.

    Please be sure to have the latest version installed!

    Thanks for getting back to me, yup I’m on 1.5.1, that’s the only version I’ve installed. Is there a set time the garbage collector runs? I think the problem occurred about 5-6 days after the last time the LESS file was updated.

    What kind of caching system were you thinking? I’ve not set any server document expiration.

    I am getting this to on 1.5.1

    Experiencing the same issue. No caching.

    WP 3.5 and WP-LESS 1.5.1

    Plugin Author oncletom


    Well, it’s weird. Try to deactivate and reactive the plugin.
    This issue has been fixed in 1.5.1 so I’m hardly understanding why it would persist to exist on your installs.

    Garbage collection is plugged in WP-Cron mechanism on a daily basis, and is effective for every file older than 5 days. Except than on 1.5.1 i’ve added a fix which keeps the more recent version of each compiled file, even if it’s older than 5 days.

    Do you have APC file caching activated?

    Thanks Oncle,
    I did some research and found out godaddy did implement APC caching, I can assume other shared hosting providers are doing the same thing.

    Hopefully this will fix the error!
    Huge thanks!

    Plugin Author oncletom


    Good news! You should definitely keep APC on as it speeds up your website.

    However it may be the only way to purge APC cache, disabling and enabling it.

    Plugin Author oncletom


    Another alternative is to have apc.stat turned on.


    It will check filechange for each request.

    Experiencing this too. Plugin 1.5.1, WordPress 3.4.2. Maybe because it conflicted with cache system on, they have sophisticated caching system.
    Deactivating and activating the plugin didn’t help, compiled stylesheet file still missing and still referenced from pages. wp-content/uploads/wp-less/(themename)/ directory is empty and has no compiled css files.
    Clearing cache on also didn’t help.

    Plugin Author oncletom


    Well the major problem is the garbage collector should not delete all files.

    Do your hosting service provide APC cache? Because it can be an issue: an old PHP file is used instead of the updated ones.

    wp-less does not hook on caching mechanism so normally wpengine would not have any effect on this problem (I hope).

    Yes, they have APC. It cannot be disabled, but there is “Clear all caches” button in their admin panel, I tried pressing it, compiled css file still not regenerated. Also
    And css file disappeared when no specific actions was done, i.e. not after doing something in /wp-admin/.
    Also seems that wordpress core used in wordpress installations has some modifications.

    Actually, WP Engine uses eAccelerator — not APC — and you can ask support to disable it if you feel it’s conflicting. I should know, I work there. 😉

    As for core modifications, we don’t do that either. All modifications to WordPress installs happen via plugins. Please contact WP Engine support if you have any concerns about anything I’ve said above.

    Plugin Author oncletom


    Cool, thanks @boogah for the insight!

    Plugin Author oncletom


    An issue has been spotted and should be fixed by 1.5.2.

    It would have persisted with any opcode cache not stating files.
    Update the plugin, modify your stylesheet and it would be back on tracks.

    On the next version I’ll add an admin panel to force reload/invalidate cache files to avoid those manipulations in case of bug.

    Keep me in touch.

    Edit: I just noticed I am actually using an older version (1.5.2) and will update now and see if the problem happens again with 1.5.3

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