• The setup is not intuitive and basic things like the information page are broken in minor but annoying ways.

    I finally got it working, and it usually syncs with other calendars now, although not always.

    The ‘Seasonal Pricing’ feature, which allows you to override the base price for set periods, is something my client particularly needed. It took a long time to set up (I had six special prices, which had to be set up manually on all eight calendars), and it simply didn’t work – in fact it blocked customers from buying in that period.

    The (paid for) customer support from VR Cal was very annoying, after going through the process of setting them up as an Admin user, they were worse than useless, and just sent weird messages repeating the error messages (which I had sent them).

    We’re still using it, but only because my client agreed to waive the seasonal pricing.

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