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  • Greetings All:)

    When one writes a post, and selects the category or categories to which the post ought to be posted, is there a way to disable the post from being posted to any thing else than the categories selected?

    Despite our attempts to ensure that a post is only posted to the category or categories we wish … the new post is also added to the main page or (Uncategorized section).

    How can one get around this?

    Any and all help would be very much appreciated …

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  • Hello Again,

    I seemed to have located a plug-in that allows one to specify which posts and which posts only are displayed on the sites ‘main page’.

    The plug-in called: Opt-in front page plugin (available from: )
    does just what I needed.

    You can elect which posts (regardless of their age) are to be shown on the front or main page of your blog.

    Happy Blogging!

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