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  • You would want to control this either in your theme or in CSS. That is, in PHP, you can manually choose to call related_posts() or not.

    Alternatively, in CSS, you can pretty simply hide the YARPP section (always wrapped in .yarpp-related). Check your post’s HTML and you’ll see that its <body> has a class like postid-4502, built with its post ID. You could then add CSS like body.postid-4502 .yarpp-related {display:none}

    Hi Mitcho

    I am not a huge programmer. I use ad injection and other plugins and to ensure they don’t get displayed on certain pages, I just go into text view of wordpress editor and add “<!–NoAdds–> and then it doesn’t show on this page.

    So what you’re saying is I go to wordpress editor, and enter in body.postid-4502 .yarpp-related {display:none} and it won’t display on that page??

    @lab41 yes, that should work in your theme editor. But in general, no, there is no simple way like the <!–NoAds–> you mention, for YARPP.

    Would it possible to request something like that for a future version?

    Would be so much easier. Something like <!–NOYARRP–>

    Hi Mitcho. I was about to send you a note asking about this when I see that others are looking for the same thing. It would be extremely useful to be able to allow my client to restrict the display on select posts where it makes no sense to show it. I like Lab41’s suggestion to be able to add a simple shortcode after a post or on a page where you don’t want it to show up. As an example, I use a social share plug in (hupso) that does this via shortcodes – Use [hupso_hide] anywhere in post’s text to hide buttons for specific post. Use [hupso] anywhere in post’s text to show buttons for specific post at custom position.

    Just a suggestion.

    Thanks and good luck, AB

    YES YES YES! This would be useful!

    this would be very hand for me. I have a view features of my website pages that are based on pages content, so i get the YARRP showing up multiple times. Otherwise, the plugin is one of the best.

    @mitcho – is this possible at all?

    I’ll keep it in mind for a future version, but I can’t make any promises. Thanks to all of you for making your opinion known! 🙂

    Thanks! This would be the best feature ever! 🙂

    I too would love it if this was added as an option. I would like to disable YARPP on the homepage of our blog, but love it on the individual blog post pages. It would be awesome to have a feature like this for people like myself who are not good with code. Our blog receives about 20,000 viewers a day and I’m sure our readers would appreciate having the homepage a little more de-cluttered and being able to find what they need where they need it.

    Alright all—your voice has been heard! I just pushed a new beta, 4.0.6b1, which added this feature. Add the comment <!--noyarpp--> (don’t add extra space or anything) and YARPP will be turned off for that page.

    Here’s the download link:

    Thank You! This is much appreciated!!!

    This is awesome (great implementation too) !

    Thank you so much for listening to us and taking the time to make this great addition. Will you be issuing an update to the plugin? I am not sure how to install it.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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