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  • How can i do this correctly? I know that <noresize> deals with frames, but i want to do this so people cannot change the size of my fonts. If they do so, it changes the location of the text, which in effect. changes my template.

    Does anyone no how to do this? or where i might want to throw this tag in to make it work like im trying to explain?

    Thank you in advance! this has been bugging me for quite some time.

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  • Is this even possible?

    yes it is, ive seen it done on a few sites. ill post an example.

    that site. when you hold control, or manually change the font size, it doens’t. only the bullets, and a small other items change. how can i do that?!


    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Using Firefox, I can make all text bigger or smaller.

    i see that is the case with my FF too. but it stays within its boundaries. in IE, on mine, i change font, and the whole look and feel changes. i was just wondering if there is an easier way to prevent it from happening on this site.

    when you enlarge the text it changes location. even on this help forum, by changing the text size, it only effects certain aspect. and not previous posts (in IE that is)

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    That’ll be an IE (ahem) ‘feature’ no doubt.
    This may be better queried in a more IE-friendly forum 🙂

    haha, well i cater to FF and IE users. if its being changed in FF, then ill post that. they are both reading out the same code – so why cant there be a code, that doens’t exist for both? or , more importanly, is there one for FF then?

    The reason I love Firefox is that there is no way that a site can disable features, unlike in IE.

    A design should accomodate users, not the reverse.

    Just a thought. You can add a font changer and make put in the options which won’t break your layout but still let the user change font size.

    In web design, webmasters have to accodomate users. But for print media design, users accodomate the print media design.

    There seems to be a trend in moving towards print media style of designing for web design recently.

    But as a designer, I would very much hope that the users will be presented with something as close to my design concepts as possible.

    Personally, I feel that the design should be flexible enough for users to change and yet the layout should not be much affected or give the users another perspective when the settings are altered.

    Design is a process where we solve problems creatively. Here, I see a problem waiting for a creative solution! 🙂

    my thoughts exactly daneilck!

    Turning the q inside out it really reads – *How can I fix my layout so that it wont bork in variable text sizes* ?.

    i guess it does. im not trying to hide a question here.

    i dont want variable text sizes. black and white. im not all knowing, just thought that someone would have an answer, or….something creative.

    Well there is nothing wrong in flexible set ups. Except that they are notoriously difficult to implement. 🙂

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