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  • Hiya

    WordPress (version 2.2.2) (or maybe TinyMCE) thinks it knows better than me and wants to keep adding the Embed tag to my objects. Now i like that it converts embeds to Object+Embed, but I don’t want the embeds to show up at all (or, if there is a way i can hack it in, have it create an IE conditional surrounding the embed so that it looks like a comment to everything else).

    My reason. I have a block on my site that does not render properly in IE6, and my site does not get enough IE6 traffic to warrant getting it working, so I am using IE conditional comments to block it from appearing in any IE under 7. The problem is that the embed tags make my page’s markup invalid and, it seems, tosses IE7 into quirks mode, hiding the stuff i am blocking from IE6 and under.

    Does anyone know of a way to get wordpress to either stop displaying embed tags, to stop added them when i remove them and just have the object tag (for youtube videos), OR have it wrap the embed in a conditional comment?

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