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  • Is there an actual fix to the broken flash uploader being planned? I understand all the “restart your browser” and “reinstall everything” instructions, but is there any hope that it’s actually going to be fixed? Given the high volume of complaints, rather than a sticky post that offers a very lengthy process for trying to repair it which many people follow to no avail, it seems like the uploader itself should be fixed. If it’s this problematic for this many people who otherwise like and work well with WordPress, then it seems to me that we’re beyond “it’s your fault/your machine’s fault” as a response.

    In my particular case, the uploader claims that the attempt to upload the image failed, but then the image is actually in the media gallery. But it can’t be inserted into a post, because when you hit “insert into post,” you just get a blank white screen, and nothing happens. I have the current version of Flash, I don’t have any of the conflicting plugins, and so forth. Yes, in theory, I could spend hours trying every one of the TEN long steps that you’re supposed to go through (in which you’re told to disable features that presumably exist for a reason, and no information is provided about what other effects there are from disabling them), but I could also just take my blog off WordPress, which would be faster and have a better chance of success.

    I would give anything — ANYTHING — for a simple, functioning, non-flash image upload like every free service offers. I can’t achieve that. I have installed the “No Flash Uploader” plugin, and it shows as active, but it has had zero effect. The broken flash uploader still is the only option I’m given to upload images. My bottom-line question is this: is there any plan to fix the uploader, or is the sticky post the final word?

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  • Of course there’s an answer, 2.5.2 hopefully! Hell, they already have a beta of 2.6 out, so I’m sure those talented coders are refining the uploader for both of those releases.

    The reason that the sticky is so long and arduous, is because there is no one problem. There are several problems, and you have to go through all of that to isolate your problem.

    Some are user error, some are a plug in conflicts, some are Flash issues, some are web host issues, and some are actual problems with the code.

    The guys and gals developing WordPress can only control that bit of code, not that of the plugins, or the configs of the hosts or users. So there is only so much they can do.

    After running through the list, I learned thatmy own problem was not actually covered in the sticky post. So I submitted a Trac ticket, and with the assistance of a helpful moderator, I was able to get more info about my problem added to another Trac ticket as well.

    Now that it is a known issue, it has the potential to be resolved.

    So I would strongly recommend going through the sticky post, PITA that it is! And then you may fix your problem, and learn some info that you can contribute to a permanent fix or update.

    Or, like me, you may learn that there is yet another problem with the uploader, and you can make the Trac folks aware of it. Without a little effort by those of us with uploader problems, NO, it won’t get fixed 🙂

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