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  • Resolved MatthiasDewilde


    I really like the great floating social bar.

    I’d love to keep using it but am having some difficulty disabling it from certain posts. In the options menu you can only enable all or no posts.

    Reason I’m asking is because I’m using a plugin (premise) to make sales pages. They are in fact post types and not pages though in WordPress. I’d like to disable the plugin on those posts but can’t see how.

    There are some options for adding code in the plugin itself and i tried inserting some disable_plugins codes i found on the forums, but i’m not sure if my syntax is right or if it’s even possible at all. So far it does not seem to be able to turn AA off on those pages without entirely disabling it.

    I also tried using Plugin Organizer, but the option to selectively disable plugins does not show up on the Premise plugin post options.

    How can i disable the plugin on certain posts?

    Thanks and keep up the great work,

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  • Plugin Contributor Brandon_Orndorff


    I have not tested the following although it should work for what your trying to do:

    1. Go to edit plugin and select the Digg Digg Alternative
    2. Make sure the page aas-digg-digg-alternative/floating-social-bar.php is selected
    3. Find the line that has:
    if ( is_single() && get_option('mokis_social_data_posts') == 1 ){

    4. Above that line paste the following line:
    $cattoignore = 14 //with 14 being the category ID you want ignored

    5. Replace the line found in step 3 with the following:
    if ( is_single() && get_option('mokis_social_data_posts') == 1 && get_query_var('cat') != $cattoignore){

    Like I said I haven’t tested this yet but it should work for what your trying to do. After you try it out please let me know if there is anything else as well as letting others know if it worked for your issue.

    Thanks for the reply.

    Unfortunately there is no option to set a category on the posts in the plugin.
    So I guess the code above would not work then.


    Plugin Contributor Brandon_Orndorff


    Please post a link to the website you are questioning and I will take a look from there.

    Also any post, even those created by a plugin should have an id of some sort. Most likely places it into a custom one created by the plugin or your default category but we will look into it deeper to see what our options are.

    The website is
    The sales page site is currently

    I did notice that “post_type” was “landing_page” instead of “post” in the SQL settings. Maybe that is helpful to differentiate between normal posts and others?


    Like your plugin. I’ve been searching for the same solution.

    I have specific sales PAGES that I don’t want the bar to appear on.

    I don’t want to hide a “category”, just specific page or pages.

    It would be great to have in the admin “pages or posts to exclude” and then simply put in the ID number of the page or post. I have some other plugins that do that. And I certainly don’t want to add another site bloating plugin just to “hide a plugin” 🙂

    thank you for your work.

    Plugin Contributor Brandon_Orndorff


    Ok, since I seem to be getting these types of requests regularly I will try to have an update out within a week to allow post and pages to be ignored by id. I will need to test this before I release it to be sure it doesn’t bug out anyones website but will be as quick as I can.

    I will post here when its ready and allow the 2 of you to test before I release it if you’d like.

    Thank you so much Brandon. Of course, I understand the need for testing.


    Plugin Contributor Brandon_Orndorff


    Actually everything seems to have gone very smooth and was tested on a few different websites without error.

    The update for the plugin version 1.4 has been added to the Trunk and the updates should be seen shortly. Please let me know if you notice any bugs so that I can promptly fix.

    Until I get verification that this fixed either of your issues I will leave this open.

    Thank you very much for all of your inout and helping me make the plugin better for users.

    that was fast.

    I’ll let you know what happens


    BTW, already updated. It looks like it works!

    Great job

    Plugin Contributor Brandon_Orndorff


    Working on a larger update but decided that I will release in phases instead of one enormous one. Figured I would go ahead and take care of some of the immediate concerns and then release another update later with general requested features. Hope this takes care of your concern 🙂

    Plugin Contributor Brandon_Orndorff


    Thank you, will now mark thread as resolved.

    Anything else you notice or need please let me know.

    It is resolved.

    Just one comment in the settings, not that I want to raise another issue, but while we’re here,

    if you check “show on homepage” it doesn’t show if you are using a static page as your home page. So you are kind of forced to show it on “pages”.

    Perhaps you already know this and maybe it is just the way WP works, as I have similar issues in other plugins that way

    Plugin Contributor Brandon_Orndorff


    It does seem to be the way WordPress works with the is_home function although it is something that I can look into. i.e allowing a page id to be specified as homepage under the show on homepage checkbox. I will be sure to add that to the next update. Thank you for all of your input and I appreciate 5 star ratings if you feel it deserves 🙂

    Plugin Contributor Brandon_Orndorff


    actually give me a few minutes to test something and I may go ahead and release it in a minor update.

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