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    I originally downloaded WordPress 2.0 a few days ago befor ehte official release announcement on the blog. I upgraded a test blog to 2.0 ( ) to test things out – various features, design and what not – and had no trouble… Everything worked great.

    Last night I installed 2.0 to a new site that is using some of the exact same content from the test site… First off, the new site will not allow me to disable rich-text/WYSIWYG editing. I was working on a mailing form-field page and the form field is not displaying properly. The majority of the form works up until I get to the textarea for the form… Things get awkward and the last several lines of the form are placed in the text area (these lines are for submitting the form and resetting the form)…

    You can view what is going on here:

    I have this same code running (with variations) on other WordPress sites and have no problems. The testing site has the form working exactly as it should be under 2.0… I’m starting to think it’s something with the Rich Text editor getting confused — and yet going through options / Write and disabling rich text editing is not working (unchecked all the checkboxes and still I am forced to edit in rich text).

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  • If you go Users > your profile… can’t uncheck the RTE in the left bottom corner?

    yeah, I missed that option and that took care of switching out of RTF…

    One problem down. The form issue to go.. And as I edit right now – I believe that’s a code issue – would te <textarea> tage be misread by WP?. Thanks Moshu

    Are you trying to put the form into the text input area in the Write > Write Post/Page?
    That’s usually not a good idea…
    I’d create a Page template and put the form code there, then create a new Page using that template.

    OK, issue resolved ut I do believe that a form conflict can occur when there is a Textarea as part of the code in RTF editing. I found secondary closing tags that were throwing everything off and these tags aren’t forced on WP 1.5.3… Seeing I copied the code directly from one of my 1.5.3 blogs and edited it for my purposes on the other site.

    I’ll remember that for the future Mosh… Thanks again.



    Hi stonegauge,
    I am getting the same problems with the TEXTAREA tag throwing everything off. I ahev even what Moshu suggests and created a template. Same prob.
    Please can you tell me how you resolved the problem. Heres a link to my form with the issues:
    Thanks alot.



    I have it sorted now thanks, turned off RTEditing, made a template, and put the </textarea> closing tag in
    (which helps i guesss).

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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