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  • Resolved spala


    i dont know if thats the correct way to do it, but i revemod the
    Viewport line of code thats inside the header file,
    this succesfuly disabled the responsivenesss,

    however i have a problem, when you try to move over the website in a tiny screen,
    after zoom in, it doesn’t move the site when you have the finger over the big plugin slider of the website,

    anyway to solve this ?

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  • Hi Spala,

    sorry, we can’t tell you how to solve your issue as we would basically need to break the theme in order to replicate this experience.

    In general disabling the responsiveness is a terrible idea. Nowadays websites are expected to be fully responsive. With a non-responsive website you’re not only giving your users a bad experience on mobile, but also your rankings may suffer over time as Google doesn’t like non-responsive websites at all.

    The problem is aparently there is plenty of low IQ people who is unable to understand the collapsed button on top is the menu, (when loaded on mobile)

    Maybe is better idea to just show the menu already uncolpased when loading on mobile,

    can you point me to the line of code where it must be modified?

    A hamburger menu is a common mobile navigation which nowadays most people are familiar with. However, if you feel that the audience on your website is struggling with it, you could display the word MENU next to the button with a line of CSS:

    .slicknav_menu .slicknav_menutxt { display: block; }

    You can add CSS code in your WordPress dashboard under Appearance => Customize => Additional CSS or by using plugins for adding code snippets.

    thanks for the help,

    is there any possiblity about show the menu always open by default ?

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    We don’t recommend it and it’s rather weird, but you can force the menu items in the mobile menu to always visible with a line of CSS as well:

    .slicknav_nav { display: block !important; }

    In general, for CSS customizations, you can always use your browser’s inspection tool to inspect the elements on your site and then use that information to add your own code modifications.

    thank you,
    i did tried before ask, but i forgot the !important, so it didint work,

    the problem with the !important is it no longer collapses when i repush the button,

    thank you,

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Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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