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    Is there a way to disable the “Publish immediately” command? I’d like to make it so that you can only schedule posts, not publish them by a single click. Any plugins or code snippets that could do this?

    I’m running a multi-author blog and while I’m comfortable with scheduling the posts, I’m a bit worried that some of the other authors will not be so wordpress savvy. Especially if we get some authors who have never ever written anything on a blog before. I don’t want to give them the possibility of screwing up.

    Or at least could you set some kind of automatic delay to the publishing? So that if you hit “Publish” the system automatically sets the publish date to “current date + 2 days”.

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  • No replies? No ideas?

    Just to prove my point, we already had one person pushing the wrong button and publishing immediately.

    Is there a way to even implement a confirmation question: “Are you sure you wish to publish immediately?”

    I have the exact same requirement.

    I also run a multi author blog and my problem is that I would want each new story to get some top-of-the-shelf time. Sometimes a story comes up and very quickly another one comes on top while at other times, same story is on top for a lot longer.

    typofi – I was searching more and found following

    I am still not yet tried on my production server but minimal tests at staging server went well. This , I guess, is doing what you are looking for,

    Thanks nandanjha! I’ll try that one. Looks very promising.

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